Saturday, August 2, 2008

Yet another reason Boise fans are funny

And I don't mean "funny" as a compliment.

Click here to see a thread on the Boise State message board where they're making fun of Fresno State's possible new (old) mascot. If fans get their way in this past week's vote, Fresno State will oust the brown chipmunk-looking mascot that was used for one year and return to the original grey mascot that is so beloved by the Red Wave (albeit a buffer version).

This thread by Bozo fans is funny for several reasons:

1)The mascot look they're making fun of is the original, the one everyone wants, the one Fresno State's had for a bajillion years practically.

2)If you've ever seen Boise State's mascot no more needs to be said. The phrase, "Why the long face?" has never been more applicable.

3)Remember the last time the WAC basketball tournament was held in Fresno, and Boise State's mascot decided it would be funny to go all WWE on us and do the "suck it" crotch chop made famous by Degeneration X? Remember how that ended? ...With that grey TimeOut they're making fun of running across the Save Mart Center court and spearing the Bronco to the floor. The Bronco then went to TGI Fridays after the game with the Boise State cheerleaders and got laughed at.


  1. Sweet, a Degeneration X reference. And for the record, I voted for the gray Timeout, not the chipmunk.

  2. Sweet! A Degeneration X reference. And for the record, I voted for the old, gray Timeout and not the stupid brown chipmunk.

  3. Maybe it's just me but what's that saying about glass houses?


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