Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hello Mr. Smith!

Huge news out of the men's b-ball program, and it couldn't have come at a better time. The No. 4 ranked center in the nation according to, Greg Smith, has reportedly chosen Fresno State and reneged on a verbal to Arizona.

The 6-foot-8 or 6-9 Smith (depending on who you listen to) is the most high-profile recruit since Melvin Ely. And hey, Ely, as a two-time WAC Player of the Year and best player in school history, turned out quite all right.

Moods had turned sour with fans after hearing prized point guard signee Reggie Moore wanted out of his letter of intent. The Seattle native waited 'til the last second to throw a wrench into the 'Dogs plans of handing the reigns over to him in '08-'09. Real nice of you Reggie...

But lo and behold, Smith, a three-year Edison player who has since transferred to the Bay Area for family/academic reasons, is just the anecdote. If he sticks to his committment and signs with Fresno State he will single-handedly stir up passion and excitement that's been missing from Fresno State basketball since Tark "retired."

And that deserves a lot of admiration. Red Wavers should thank Mr. Smith for having the desire to give back to his hometown and be a student-athlete at Fresno State. It takes a true hometown hero to pass up offers from a plethora of traditonal b-ball powerhouses to stay home and make a difference in the community that raised him. Not everyone realizes what a difference he can make, what trends he can set the standard for and what a huge piece of program history he can become by staying home and taking the 'Dogs to new heights.

All signs point to Greg Smith being the type of character individual who is mature enough to be the catalyst. And here's to hoping everything in his family life and in the classroom is on the upswing. Mr. Smith, count me in as one of your newest, and biggest, fans.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Out with the new, in with the old

Bring back the original TimeOut!

The Fresno State athletic dept. is now doing what should have been done in the first place, and talking to fans, alumni and students about what kind of mascot they want. After changing the mascot last year and realizing TimeOut's look was a sacred tradition to many around the campus and community, Fresno State is letting fans vote to bring back the grey TimeOut after a one-year hiatus (a sabbatical of sorts maybe?)...

So make your voice heard -- go grey and save the day!

Friday, July 18, 2008

No way!!! Too good to be true...

There is absolutely NO WAY in the whole wide entire world this can be a mere coincidence. Fresno State announced today it has hired its first assistant coach for the new women's lacrosse team. What, you don't think this is a strange, odd, jaw-dropping bit of news? Well you haven't heard her last name yet...


Yes, Fresno State hired a coach with the last name of Gotham and announced it on the very day the new Batman movie came out in theaters to record-breaking crowds. Coincidence? I think not. Shoot, they could have at least bummed some advertising from Edwards during all this hoopla.

Maybe a "Major Valley Lacrosse Annoucement Press Conference brought to you by Edwards 22 and IMAX" or something to that effect...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I read a very funny joke today

It appeared in Matt James' column in The Fresno Bee, where he wrote that more people know who Jerry Yang is than know who Trent Dilfer is.

Done laughing yet? Or maybe you're not laughing? Maybe that made you mad? It kinda did me, until I realized it was probably just a joke. Hyperbole of sorts. I think?

Because unless I'm really out of touch with reality, Dilfer is pretty much a household name amongst NFL fans (which these days live in seemlingly every house, apartment and condo in America). And not one single person I know watches poker on TV on more than a casual basis. Heck, most people I know are actually annoyed if poker is on TV.

Granted, Yang seems like a super guy -- a real giving person and a great Fresnan -- and someone who Fresno should brag about. But I just find it incredibly hard to believe he's in the same realm of famous-ness as Trent Dilfer.

Friday, July 11, 2008

1994 NFL Draft (this is good)...

So I came across a draft preview from Pro Football Weekly yesterday from 1994. Trent Dilfer was on the cover and I opened it up to check out the QB rankings. What I found brought a smile to my face for two reasons.

I began to peruse the top 10 QBs, and it looked like this:
1. Trent Dilfer
2. Heath Schuler
3. Doug Nussmeier

...Doug Nussmeier!?!? Well whadaya know, Fresno State's new offensive coordinator was rated the third-best QB prospect that year behind our beloved Trent Dilfer. I knew he had a great college career, but wasn't expecting that. And I didn't realize he came out the same year as Dilfer.

So what are we gonna nickname our new O-coordinator? Nuss the Magic Dragon? The LochNuss Monster? Nussy...?