Saturday, October 25, 2008

A 'Dogs-filled day

You may have noticed the game previews have been missing for a few weeks...and they will return once Fresno State returns to playing Bulldog Football. We wouldn't even mind seeing a nice little blowout over Utah State today (that '06 games still tastes disgusting).

And after the 'Dogs noon kickoff with the Aggies, we can all tune in to see former 'Dog Matt Garza take the mound for the Rays in Game 3 of the World Series against the evil Phillies.

Side Note: So much for San Jose State being that cat's meow -- apparently beating three lower-tier WAC teams doesn't bode all that well for the Spartans after all. It's just like in '06, when San Jo beat bad teams and built up confidence -- they started to believe they were really good even though they weren't. Sorry Sparty (see ya Nov. 21)!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hill to Washington?

Fat chance if you ask me, but this guy doesn't seem to think so. The question is, has he ever even asked Pat Hill, or is he just going on a blind assumption?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

3 worst moments in Fresno State history

3. No. 21 Fresno State's 32-29 overtime loss to Hawaii in 2008.
No excuse for No. 21 'Dogs losing to a scantily talented Hawaii team in Bulldog Stadium, knocking themselves out of a top-25 ranking, ending all BCS bowl hopes, making the climb to the WAC title an uphill battle and making the program the butt of more playing-down-to-the-competition jokes for at least another year.

2.No. 16 Fresno State's 50-42 loss at No. 1 USC in 2005.
It was a game against the "mighty" (disrespectful) Trojans that many college football aficionados were calling the greatest team of all-time -- and it quite possibly was. Still, the 'Dogs went blow-to-blow in a night game at the LA Coliseum in front of 25,000-30,000 visiting Red Wavers who made the trip. After leading much of the game, turnovers did the 'Dogs in as they threw a fourth interception going for a potential game-tying touchdown at the end of regulation.

1. No. 8 Fresno State's 35-30 loss to Boise State in 2001.
The Bulldogs had reached their highest-ever ranking behind QB David Carr and company and Pat Hill's vision had become reality as the 'Dogs were on a downhill slope to becoming the first non-BCS-conference team to ever reach a BCS bowl. Then a team nobody had ever heard of, Boise State, came into Bulldog Stadium and caught the 'Dogs sleepwalking for the come-from-behind upset. And they've had the 'Dogs number ever since.

Ya gotta ask some questions...

As much as I love Pat Hill, and have always supported him 100% and trusted him, that final drive in regulation has to be questioned. Three straight power runs up the gut when Hawaii has 10 guys in the box? It didn't work the first two tries, so why do it on third down?

Sure, it allowed the clock to keep running, but show some confidence in an offense that had just dumped buckets of yardage on Hawaii all night. Even if Tom Brandstater threw another interception on that third down play, it wouldn't have done any more harm that letting a field goal get blocked -- which is exactly what happened when Hill sent Kevin Goessling and the kicking team out to give the 'Dogs the lead.

At some point, Hill, you've got to be the aggressor. Otherwise, you end up in close games against bad teams -- Hawaii, UCLA, Rutgers. It's getting old fast. As Fresno State fans, those of us doing our jobs are pouring our hearts and souls into every game giving a fanatical yelling effort every single play of every game. And to have upsets at home to our rivals every year...?

C'mon Hill, you're probably the best thing to ever happen to Fresno State football, but don't be too proud to make necessary adjustments to your philosophy. Coaching is a chess match right? And we had bigger weapons and more pieces than Hawaii last night, but still let them win because they knew what move was coming next.

Friday, October 3, 2008

A moment captured forever

Fresno State's Ryan Mathews leaps over UCLA's Courtney Viney (the Edison High product who chose to attend UCLA over the hometown Bulldogs) on his way to a 25-yard touchdown in Fresno State's 36-31 win at the Rose Bowl.