Monday, April 27, 2009

Make Your Argument on QBs

So, now that Fresno State football spring camp has come to a close, we want to hear your arguments on who should start at quarterback when the season begins.

Should it be veteran junior Ryan Colburn, the only candidate with any game experience? Speedy redshirt freshman Ebahn Feathers who can add a new chapter to the playbook? Blue-chip true freshman Derek Carr with all the pedigree, confidence and lifelong love for the Bulldogs? Or is it still too close to call?

I'll start this off with my view -- it's still too early to decide, but Carr has me sold on his ability as it translates to the next level and the No. 1 thing to love about him is the way he thinks like any other lifelong fan. He just has a whole lot more football talent than most of us. After an 11 for 13 showing with 3 TDs and 140-plus yards in the Spring Game, Carr has to be the leader. Colburn isn't far behind though, and Feathers just can't pass accurately enough to win the job but offers enough versatility to play a huge part in every game coming in and out in special packages.

What do you say?

Couldn't have scripted it better

"Tommy drafted by broncos," read the text message I received en route to a wedding on Sunday afternoon. "First pick in 6th round."

Before I could even react that oh-so-familiar beeping alert of another text message popped up. "49ers select bear!" Yep, it came from a happy Niners fan.

My reaction -- wow, what a perfect situation for both these guys. Jay Cutler leaves the Denver Broncos, and Fresno State Tom Brandstater, a guy who's been considered a marginal prospect by many goes to the team with the least quarterback depth in the NFL. No one, not even Tommy B. himself, expected he'd get a starting job right away. And there's a heck of a chance he still won't. But the good thing for him is he's got a solid chance to make a roster and he doesn't have a steep hill to climb with the guys in front of him (Kyle Orton and Chris Simms) looking more like foothills than mountains.

Bear Pascoe, Fresno State's lovable calf-roping champion of a tight end, gets to be a San Francisco 49er. Another sixth-round pick, it's pretty much certain Pascoe will see the field right away, probably as the 49ers No. 1 blocking tight end in short-yardage situations. The good thing is -- no matter how slow his 40-time was perceived to be at the combine -- Pascoe's got great hands and good game speed. He'll make plays at the next level and become a fixture. Just a hunch, but don't be surprised if Mike Singletary falls in love with Pascoe's style of play.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Is the Swamp Thing an animal?

I've been tossing this question around for a few minutes tonight, wondering whether the Swamp Thing is an animal? If not, then what is he/it? And if so, then I'm shocked the animal rights activists aren't all over this story...

Apparently, San Jose State's Spartan Stadium -- so lovingly called swamp by the friendly Red Wavers -- is getting field turf. Our assumption here at The Bulldog Bounce is this will yank Swamp Thing's habitat right out from under him/it, displacing him/it from his/its home. Click here for photos of this bittersweet news.

All joking aside, the new turf looks, well, a little too new for the rest of Spartan Stadium and its faded bleachers and chair-backs. But it's likely a positive long-term step for San Jose State's bottom line, the way it would be for Fresno State's. Still, count me as one 'Dog fan who hopes to see real grass in Bulldog Stadium for years to come -- there's just something special about the real thing. Outdoor sports were meant to be played on natural surfaces.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's been a while

Sure has been a while since the last blog posting -- but not nearly as long as we've been missing the ol' Sporting News Radio format hosted by Tony D'Addato. Don't give me wrong, I've really been enjoying the Guy Haberman Show lately with its emphasis on Fresno State talk, but the more 'Dog radio the merrier.

And Tony D. did a great job of focusing on the local scene, which is all that needs to be heard. I mean, seriously, why would I want to turn my radio dial on in the car and hear local hosts talking about the Niners or Raiders or free agency or Monday Night Football? I can get that stuff the other 20 hours a day when the national sports talk shows are on. I expect something different, something better and more interesting from the local shows.

Props to all the local hosts who work toward that, and here's to hoping there's plenty of it to go around with the return of Tony D. soon. This article, though, sheds some light on the recent hiatus of Sporting News Radio.