Thursday, December 4, 2008

Now that that's settled...

So now that Pat Hill has announced his intention to remain at Fresno State, as we all know I've been hoping like crazy for, let's hope he puts some of that stubborness behind him.

While it's definitely a great quality of his to be so no-nonsense and preach physical, punch-'em-in-the-mouth football, he also must step back and see that his biggest shortcoming as a coach is sometimes refusing to adjust proactively.

Don't be afraid to be unpredictable Pat. It doesn't mean we're not tougher or more physical than the other guys. It just means we're multi-dimensional. And, yeah, some of those fans who whine and complain all the time and think they know enough to tell you how to coach are irritating, but forget all that. Pay them no attention. You're the 'Dogs coach, we've all bought in to your vision. Let's make it happen. Just let us know how to help you along the way.


  1. As a long time high school and college football coach, and one who follows Fresno State Football attends and enjoys two or three games each year I feel compelled to comment to those who would like to see Coach Hill leave Fresno State.

    I can only say one negative thing about Coach Hill and Fresno State. The team continually plays down to it's competition. They peerform brilliantly against better competition in the Pac 10 and elsewhere, and then lose to, or barely beat someone they are obviously better than.

    That said, anyone who really knows football also knows what a great job Coach Hill has done over the years. I too, sometimes find fault with is "play anyone, anywhere" philosophy, but I admire his genuine desire to make Fresno State the best it can be. The truth is that the Fresno States, and Boise States of the world don't have the depth that the Pac 10 teams have or other Division 1 programs across the country. Most of the players on Coach Hill's team would never see the field for the USC's and Oklahoma's. Yes, Fresno State has some really quality players, but most of the players that go to Fresno State are the ones who are too small, or too slow to be recruited by the big programs. When Fresno State has an injury to a first string player it really hurts them as opposed to a USC, Florida, Ohio State, etc., who can call on a really high talented reserve on full scholorship. Can they complete or beat a high quality Division 1 team sometimes? Absolutely! But week in week out, and season in and season out the chances of them winning all the games verses the Wisconsins, the Oregons, the USCs, are slim and none. For the type and size of athletes that go to Fresno State, Coach Hill does a great job! But to expect a National Championship ever is really unreralistic. I hope Coach HIll stays a long time. The year that they do go to a BCS Bowl, if ever, will be the year that someone comes and takes Ckoach Hill to a bigger and better school.

  2. I have to both agree and disagree with you Smilnjak. I think you're right on the money that Pat Hill is a very good coach and should be applauded for having the vision to make Fresno State as great as it can be.

    I think you're also right in saying that the Oklahomas, USCs and Floridas typically have deeper talent and can better afford key injuries because the backups are big-time recruits too.

    But I have to disagree that a national championship is unrealistic. To EXPECT one may be a goal rarely flirted with at Fresno State, but that's not to say it's not possible. It's very possible. If the 'Dogs ever put together that undefeated season, and get through a gauntlet of 3-4 tough non-conf. games, they have enough respect, strength of schedule and national attention to get the nod (depending of course on how everyone else finishes atop the standings in that particular year). But take a year like this one, where there's no undefeated BCS-conf. team, and you've got a shot. Heck, if Utah started the season ranked as high as Fresno State or BYU the Utes just might have pulled it off.

    And the one thing I think no one should ever forget -- as it irked me to no end listening to Herbstreit and Corso babbling nonsense yesterday during the bowl selection show -- is that it's a stupid argument to say Fresno State, BYU, Boise State, Utah and TCU couldn't compete against Big 10 style competition week in and week out. First of all, the Big 10 is pretty similar to the WAC's top half this year. Secondly, and most importantly, if any of those top teams from the WAC or MWC ever got in to a BCS conference where they had to play that competition week in and week out, they would have access to the same deep pool of recruits as everyone else. It would turn the tides. And my bet is that these programs, who have proven to have the vision and fight to push to be great year in and year out, would do the same in any conference.

    Thanks for commenting, hope you enjoy the blog!


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