Thursday, August 12, 2010

Player from future opponent has head in the clouds

Without knowing the height or weight of the man on the left in the picture above, what is your reaction?

I'm guessing it was something like this, with emphasis on seconds :11-16 ...

His name is Terrell Brown, and he is potentially the ole miss offensive line, but for now, listed only as an offensive tackle. And included in that listing is a height of 6'11" and a weight of 390 pounds.

Brown is a junior college transfer and is supposedly relatively raw still when it comes to football. He will also potentially be in uniform when Fresno State visits The Grove later this season. I'm just hoping he and Robbie Rouse are old elementary school buddies and exchange greetings at some point.

Regardless, it seems pretty clear that there is only one explanation for Brown's mass. Now, I'm no doctor, but it seems as though the only logical explanation is that Brown's mother was presented with two options during her pregnancy -- have twins, or have the twins combined into one giant "twin." Clearly, she opted for the latter.

Another observation, take another look at the picture. Tell me that gatorade cooler in the background couldn't serve as just a cup for him. A quick swig in the mouth, a splash in the face and boom, he's ready to go back onto the field and provide shade for anyone within a 10-foot radius of him.

Happy Gil-mo-my-God indeed.

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