Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nike Pro Combat Uniforms 2010


Not sure if many have seen these or not, but Nike designed new Pro Combat Uniforms for 10 teams this year. Yep, boise state was included.

Make sure to go full screen and read the INSPIRATIONS for each design. Most of them are pretty awesome and I am ... well ... no other word to describe it ... jealous. I would love to see a Fresno State Nike Pro Combat uniform (hint hint ---> Nike / Phil Knight).

Also, when you click on INNOVATION it breaks down each part of the uniform. Make sure to look at the front, back, and baselayer. The back usually describes a few unique and significant designs for each uniform.

Clicking on the ALLEGIANCE part takes you to the t-shirts designed specifically to go along with each uniform, which are available for purchase (even though you would have absolutely no reason to buy any of that rubbish).

It is absolutely shocking that oregon wasn't included with this year's Nike Combat Uniforms. It's probably because Nike/Phil Knight have run out of designs, considering the Ducks have had about 45 different uniforms over the last 6 years.

Here's my ranking for the designs. Ranking is based on design, uniqueness and meaning to the school.

1. Ohio State
2. TCU
3. Virginia Tech
4. West Virginia
5. boise state
6. Miami
7. Florida
8. Pittsburgh
9. Alabama
10. Oregon State


  1. I agree, how awesome would that be to see the Dog's in the Pro Combat.

    My rankings:
    1. Ohio State
    2. TCU
    3. West Virginia
    4. Miami
    5. Pitt
    6. Boise State
    7. Oregon State
    8. Virginia Tech
    9. Florida
    10. Alabama

  2. Admittedly, the mock up does look cool, but to me this uni design stuff is overblown. What's important is winning games. Fresno State isn't about glitz and glam, it's about tough, aggressive, hard-nosed football and giving a fanatical effort.

    That said, I do see the value of these unis as a recruiting angle and marketing ploy to see gear to fans, but moreso I see them as yet another unfair advantage given to select schools. Unless this style of uni is made available to any school that wants it, how is this not seen as an extra benefit by the NCAA?


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