Monday, November 22, 2010

Idaho "playing for everything"

idaho men's football coach Robb Akey is hyped. And he's gearing his team up to play with its collective hair on fire Saturday at Bulldog Stadium. His vandals are 5-6 with two games remaining, meaning they have to win out to become bowl eligible at 7-6(their final game is home against perennial doormat san jose state).

“Hey, we’re playing for everything right now,” Akey said, in this write-up, “a lot more than they’re playing for.”

Umm, excuse me Robb with two b's -- Fresno State is playing for a ton. A seventh win guarantees the 'Dogs a bowl bid and a winning record in the WAC.

Anyway, let's get to the point. It's always fun to listen to manly man Robb Akey talk in his deep, gravelly voice. And ever since he was hired at idaho a few years ago I've been trying to place why he sounds so dang familiar. Nothing a little YouTube search can't solve (is there such a thing as a voice doppelganger?):

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  1. As a Bronco alum...I hope you beat the Vandulls. I thoroughly enjoy reading tBB for FSU news. And your comparison of Robb Akey to Farmer Fran is spot on...THANK YOU FOR POINTING THIS OUT!


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