Monday, February 18, 2008

FS Dream Team: Wide Receivers

Time to open up the voting at wide receiver (one of the most storied positions in school history). Each Bulldog Bounce blogger has turned in his own votes for each position already, but we want to hear what you -- the readers -- think.

Then, at the end of all the voting we'll compare our results to yours. We'll go position-by-position with the idea of starting healthy debate about why so-and-so is better than such-and-such? YOU decide the criteria! What's more important? College stats or pro? Four-year starters or JC transfers? Single-season greatness or consistency?

Next up is wide receiver, and the nominees are:
--Stephen Baker
--Bernard Berrian
--Marque Davis
--Henry Ellard
--Joe Fernandez
--Charlie Jones
--Stephone Paige
--Brian Roberson
--Malcolm Seabron
--Paul Williams
--Larry Willis
--Tydus Winans
--Rodney Wright

The Bulldog Bounce selects Bernard Berrian, Henry Ellard and Charlie Jones as Fresno State's greatest all-time receivers. Berrian was a unanimous first-teamer, while Ellard and Jones each had three first-team votes and one second-team. Rodney Wright also received two first-team votes, and one second-team, while Stephone Paige, Stephen Baker and Brian Roberson each had three second-team votes.

And boy it was hard to leave guys like Adam Jennings, David Dunn, Jahine Arnold, Charles Smith, Jermaine Jamison, Dwight Pickens, Lee Harris and Latario Rachal off this list. But argue if you want one of those guys or someone else on.

Have fun, voice your opinion and let the voting begin! The nominees will remain posted in the right-hand column for you to choose from, but please add comments to this blog entry as well.

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