Thursday, February 14, 2008

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"I am a Bulldog, WE are Fresno State!"

That's the slogan of the new 'Dogs T-shirt, but what happens when someone says we're not allowed to refer to Fresno State as "we"...?

Here's my opinion, as posted on

It's even on the back of the school's new T-shirts. That's absurd to tell someone not to refer to Fresno State as "we." I can see saying that about a NFL or NBA team, but it makes perfect sense to say "we" talking about our college team.

Why? Because:
--WE go to games and cheer tell our voices are gone to make the type of impact that helps the team win.
--WE have an emotional buy-in to everything that happens with Fresno State; a win makes us ecstatic, a loss takes us time to get over.
--WE donate money and time to contribute to Fresno State, through the Bulldog Foundation and other things.
--WE promote the university to our friends, our families and strangers.
--WE recruit new fans, exposing new people to the family known as the Red Wave whenever we can.
--WE, as a community, have banded together to ensure Fresno State is capable of competing at a national level. Without us, Jim Sweeney, Pat Hill, Jerry Tarkanian, Bob Bennett, Boyd Grant, Margie Wright and Dennis DeLiddo could never have accomplished as much as they have.

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  1. And don't forget, many of "we" are Fresno State Alumni. Hence, (along with supporters of all stripes) we truly "are" Fresno State, aren't "we?"

    Those who would take exception may have too much time on their hands, IMHO.

    Go 'Dogs, win the WAC (for starters)!

    Steve Burnes


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