Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fresno State Dream Team: Cornerbacks

Who's the best cornerback in school history? Let's find out. Each Bulldog Bounce blogger has turned in his own votes for each position already, but we want to hear what you -- the readers -- think. Then, at the end of all the voting we'll compare our results to yours.

We're going position-by-position with the idea of starting healthy debate about why so-and-so is better than such-and-such? YOU decide the criteria! What's more important? College stats or pro? Four-year starters or JC transfers? Single-season greatness or consistency?

Next up is cornerback, and the nominees are:
--Devon Banks
--James Burton
--Jack Erdman
--Therrian Fontenot
--Carl Ray Harris
--Richard Marshall
--Marcus McCauley
--Steve Muhammed
--J.D. Williams
--Payton Williams

Our Bulldog Bounce blog team voting results are coming soon...

Have fun, voice your opinion and let the voting begin! The nominees will remain posted in the right-hand column for you to choose from, but please add comments to this blog entry as well.


  1. then who is going to be the all-time free safety?

    Marquez Pope did not play CB until he got into the league. He was a three-time 1st all-Big West as a free safety.

    Cory Hall? I don't believe he ever lined up at CB either, he was drafted as a safety and made his mark in college and the pros as a safety.

    But my biggest gripe, where in the f*ck is JD Williams?

    He is hands down the best CB to play at Fresno State. 3rd team AP All-American, 16th overall pick in the 90 draft, and played in four Super Bowls.

    JD and Richard Marshall are the top CBs in FS history. Pope is the best free safety and gotta throw in the program's only 1st team All-American DB Steve Cordle at strong.

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  3. My bad on the J.D. Williams slight. I was under the impression he played safety for the 'Dogs (I was just a little guy back then), which is why he didn't show up at corner.

    I know Pope played both positions and I believe Hall has too. But we should go with what they played while at Fresno State.

    Sorry to everyone who voted, but we'll have to reset the votes to get this done the right way. We'll do a little tinkering and repost the poll. Please vote accordingly.

    Thanks for the heads up, next time maybe go with a name or a screen name...?

  4. did you also forget Michael Stewart,or did he play SS or FS can't remember,but I do know he played for the rams for awhile.Let's not forget the guys from the only undefeated season we've ever had...(85)

  5. Didn't Michael Stewart play CB?I know he was with the Rams for awhile.

  6. Yeah, Stewart was a safety...his position will be coming soon!

  7. By the way, just for the record, as unbelievable as J.D. Williams was as a player...I'd still have to give the nod to Richard Marshall. He's the best 'Dog corner ever!

  8. Also, it's nuts to leave off James Sanders, hands-down the best in school history at safety.

  9. Any pics of these guys? I'm trying to remember what Burton looked like?

  10. You know, I don't have any photos from that far back, but you might be able to do a google search?

    Burton was on the '92 Fresno State team that beat usc in the Freedom Bowl. Then he had a brief career with Da Bears in the NFL.

  11. Steve Cordle is the best player in Fresno State football history pound for pound.


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