Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hooray Inman!!!

Fresno State could use more fans like Inman Perkins.

I'll let that one line stand alone. Because as a Fresno State baseball fan, he stands alone. It's a pleasure to know the Diamond 'Dogs honored the longtime most vocal of fans with his own jersey on Saturday. I'd go so far as to say his name belongs up on that outfield wall with the likes of Tom Goodwin, Bob Bennett, Bobby Jones, Pete Beiden and all the rest.

Inman's contributions have been of similar impact. 40 years. Cheering from the top of each dugout. Doing his "Go...'Dogs...Go" chants, the "F-R-E-S-N-O" spellout and the infamous leg kick during the chants. All while wearing Bulldog Red shoes. Almost every single game. All those years. What a guy.

Here's to you Inman Perkins!


  1. you got nice.....

    big red shoes!

    inman is the man, and a legend

    he deserves his name somewhere visible for sure

    every season i seem to wonder is this his last?

    but hes always back!

  2. Hi there,

    Cal fan from across the way (and I come in peace, haha). I run one of the sports sites for the California Golden Bears (click on my user name for the link) and am trying to get a sense for the type of offense your old OC Frank Cignetti used to run, and I figure you guys might know more than me. I want to try and get a sense of what to expect before the season begins so Cal fans can look ahead to what type of play gimmicks we might expect from them, and I was wondering if you guys could share anything to help keep us more informed about Cignetti's style of playcalling.

    So here are some of the questions. If you have any additional insight outside the questions I ask feel free to share! Thanks for taking the time out to talk to me!

    What type of offense did Cignetti run while he was at Fresno State?

    Is Cignetti's playcalling very pass-heavy, run-heavy, or does he not follow a particular style?

    How much of FSU's success on the field was due to the talent on the field through recruiting, and how much can be attributed to Cignetti's playcalling?

    Were there any type of plays he really liked running that you loved to see? Or was it a very dynamic approach where every play seemed unpredictable?

    What are your personal opinions on Cignetti? What were his big strengths as an OC? What were his weaknesses?

  3. Cignetti was a great OC in the time he was here. He wasn't real gimmicky, and he designed his game plan around the structure set forth by Pat Hill. Every OC Hill brings aboard runs basically the same type of pro style offense, but everyone adds his own wrinkles.

    My personal opinion is that Cignetti is one of the best OCs the 'Dogs have had (with possible exception to Jeff Tedford and Jim McElwain).

    The biggest positive he brings is that once he really gets to know his personnel (which took a couple years here for him) he can really maximize everyone's potential.

    The biggest negative is the constant coffee breath...

  4. Geez, I graduated *cough* 15 years ago and it seemed he'd been doing his thing at games forever back then. Glad he's still going. He sure added a lot to the games. Glad to hear he's been honored.


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