Sunday, July 13, 2008

I read a very funny joke today

It appeared in Matt James' column in The Fresno Bee, where he wrote that more people know who Jerry Yang is than know who Trent Dilfer is.

Done laughing yet? Or maybe you're not laughing? Maybe that made you mad? It kinda did me, until I realized it was probably just a joke. Hyperbole of sorts. I think?

Because unless I'm really out of touch with reality, Dilfer is pretty much a household name amongst NFL fans (which these days live in seemlingly every house, apartment and condo in America). And not one single person I know watches poker on TV on more than a casual basis. Heck, most people I know are actually annoyed if poker is on TV.

Granted, Yang seems like a super guy -- a real giving person and a great Fresnan -- and someone who Fresno should brag about. But I just find it incredibly hard to believe he's in the same realm of famous-ness as Trent Dilfer.


  1. Jerry Who is more well-known than Trent Dilfer?

    I think poker is only on TV to remind us that it's not college football season yet.

    I hope the Bulldogs enjoy their visit here to The Birthplace of College Football in New Jersey on Labor Day (but not too much).

  2. matt james is great. love reading that guys column.

  3. I agree with you, and that was Matt's all-time funniest joke I've ever read in the paper!


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