Friday, July 11, 2008

1994 NFL Draft (this is good)...

So I came across a draft preview from Pro Football Weekly yesterday from 1994. Trent Dilfer was on the cover and I opened it up to check out the QB rankings. What I found brought a smile to my face for two reasons.

I began to peruse the top 10 QBs, and it looked like this:
1. Trent Dilfer
2. Heath Schuler
3. Doug Nussmeier

...Doug Nussmeier!?!? Well whadaya know, Fresno State's new offensive coordinator was rated the third-best QB prospect that year behind our beloved Trent Dilfer. I knew he had a great college career, but wasn't expecting that. And I didn't realize he came out the same year as Dilfer.

So what are we gonna nickname our new O-coordinator? Nuss the Magic Dragon? The LochNuss Monster? Nussy...?

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  1. How bout Nuss-car-Meier Weiner?


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