Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ya gotta ask some questions...

As much as I love Pat Hill, and have always supported him 100% and trusted him, that final drive in regulation has to be questioned. Three straight power runs up the gut when Hawaii has 10 guys in the box? It didn't work the first two tries, so why do it on third down?

Sure, it allowed the clock to keep running, but show some confidence in an offense that had just dumped buckets of yardage on Hawaii all night. Even if Tom Brandstater threw another interception on that third down play, it wouldn't have done any more harm that letting a field goal get blocked -- which is exactly what happened when Hill sent Kevin Goessling and the kicking team out to give the 'Dogs the lead.

At some point, Hill, you've got to be the aggressor. Otherwise, you end up in close games against bad teams -- Hawaii, UCLA, Rutgers. It's getting old fast. As Fresno State fans, those of us doing our jobs are pouring our hearts and souls into every game giving a fanatical yelling effort every single play of every game. And to have upsets at home to our rivals every year...?

C'mon Hill, you're probably the best thing to ever happen to Fresno State football, but don't be too proud to make necessary adjustments to your philosophy. Coaching is a chess match right? And we had bigger weapons and more pieces than Hawaii last night, but still let them win because they knew what move was coming next.

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  1. Definitely agree. Step it up. Go for it on 4th and 3. The kicker is a basket case, he'll be great one day but we need the win right now.


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