Sunday, October 5, 2008

3 worst moments in Fresno State history

3. No. 21 Fresno State's 32-29 overtime loss to Hawaii in 2008.
No excuse for No. 21 'Dogs losing to a scantily talented Hawaii team in Bulldog Stadium, knocking themselves out of a top-25 ranking, ending all BCS bowl hopes, making the climb to the WAC title an uphill battle and making the program the butt of more playing-down-to-the-competition jokes for at least another year.

2.No. 16 Fresno State's 50-42 loss at No. 1 USC in 2005.
It was a game against the "mighty" (disrespectful) Trojans that many college football aficionados were calling the greatest team of all-time -- and it quite possibly was. Still, the 'Dogs went blow-to-blow in a night game at the LA Coliseum in front of 25,000-30,000 visiting Red Wavers who made the trip. After leading much of the game, turnovers did the 'Dogs in as they threw a fourth interception going for a potential game-tying touchdown at the end of regulation.

1. No. 8 Fresno State's 35-30 loss to Boise State in 2001.
The Bulldogs had reached their highest-ever ranking behind QB David Carr and company and Pat Hill's vision had become reality as the 'Dogs were on a downhill slope to becoming the first non-BCS-conference team to ever reach a BCS bowl. Then a team nobody had ever heard of, Boise State, came into Bulldog Stadium and caught the 'Dogs sleepwalking for the come-from-behind upset. And they've had the 'Dogs number ever since.


  1. can i count the entire season melt-down after the USC game as one "moment" ...

  2. I've been a Bulldog fan for as long as I can remember. Ever since that Freedom Bowl victory over the USC Trojans. I love Pat Hill and no one questions the respect he's brought to the football program but it doesn't matter if we can't handle our business in the WAC. I know everybody questions the schedules that Boise St. and Hawaii had in their quest for the BCS the bottom line is they took care of business and swept the WAC. I remember a press conference where Pete Carrol was asked about USC's chances at winning the National Championship and he said that his team focuses on winning the PAC-10 first and if they have a chance to win the National Championship it would be icing on the cake. Our Bulldogs need to adopt that kind of thinking. What's the use of having such a strong non-conference schedule when we can't even win the WAC.

  3. What makes the '01 Boise State game even more heartrenching was the 'Dogs had the lead and control of the game.

    Then Kendall Edwards decided he wanted to make a name for himself as the dirtiest player in college football by hitting Tim Gilligan early on the punt return. The 'Dogs haven't been the same since.

  4. you're retarded. the usc game was one of fresno's best moments. people still talk about that game. it shocked the nation, even though the dogs lost.

    and what made the boise loss in 01 even worse was the fact that fresno state got stopped at the 2 yard line at the end of the game. pretty sure it was on fourth and goal.

    what about humiliating losses at baylor and auburn? the loss at oregon state the year after whipping them in fresno?

    do your homework before putting together a poll like this. it sucks.


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