Thursday, November 27, 2008

I have a hard time with Bozo State fans...

They're just so cocky. And I don't respect cocky. In fact, I dislike cocky.

Now granted, Boise State has accomplished an amazing thing -- going through its first seven-plus seasons in the WAC undefeated at home on the Smurf turf. That's impressive. Heck, it's almost unbelievable. And they've beaten Fresno State a handful of times while they were winning a handful of WAC titles. So head to head, there's no room for Fresno State to talk. As a college student back in 2001 I didn't have a lot of money, but I would have gone all in betting Boise State would never accomplish anything close to that record. I mean, it's Boise State -- the team we were all so angry was being added to the WAC, a patsy like Utah State, Idaho and New Mexico State.

Only Boise State turned out not to be such a patsy (although it consistently schedules like one). The Broncos enter Friday's 3 p.m. game against visiting Fresno State undefeated at 11-0 and ranked ninth in the nation. That was supposed to be Fresno State's record right now.

The strange thing about Boise State, the conundrum, that I just can't quite figure out, is how it is so darn successful against the WAC but just barely won on the road against a BCS-conference school (Oregon) for the first time in history this year...?

Even more annoying, is when we have to sit back leading up to this week's game and listen to such garbage bravado from Boiseans about how Fresno State hasn't beat anyone good all year. Hello -- Oregon is no better than Rutgers. Rutgers is one game in the loss column from heading to a BCS bowl. Oregon is nowhere near that. And the Pac-10 is down, perhaps, more than ever before.

In actuality, Fresno State has won TWO BCS-conference road games THIS SEASON -- twice as many as Boise State has won in its history. How's that for a fact? Heck, even La Tech matched Boise State's success this year against BCS-conference opponents. I mean, welcome back to planet Earth Boise State. Stop whining about getting shafted from a BCS bowl game.

If you want in, play a respectable schedule, beat highly regarded programs outside of conference, and earn the right. Stop trying to backdoor your way in to the limelight.

Heck, I know your university spawned from what started as a women's college, but it's time to man up.


  1. Too bad you didn't take the blog bet with So many Pat Hill jokes will remain untold now.


  2. Can anyone suggest a local fresno sports bar where boise st fans might be watching the game?

  3. This is why I have a hard time with Fresblow fans:

    Our strength of schedule is always weak because by the time we play you every year you have 3 losses. If you could once, just once come into the final game ranked and competing for the WAC title we might be able to get some credit like the MWC. Utah got where it is because teams like BYU and TCU were good, ranked, conference opponents. It wasn't Utah's home win over Oregon State that got them into the BCS.

    See, if you guys didn't loose to anybody, anytime, anywhere, then when we beat you it would mean something on our resume besides beating another WAC patsy.

  4. You know what I love the Bulldogs like everybody else but how the heck do you lose to Boise 61-10. Everybody talks about Boise State not deserving a BCS berth, I say that they beat everybody on their schedule and that's all you need. I know Utah has pretty much locked up an at large bid for a BCS bowl so why can't we have two non-BCS teams making some noise in the postseason.

    Back to our Bulldogs....what a complete disgrace! They once again showed that they did not deserve to get all the hype of being the next BCS buster. A total disappointment from top to bottom. From the players to the coaches. How is it that there's all this buzz about the talent that Pat Hill is recruiting and we don't see it on the field. Why is Brandstater still on the field when he noticeably is hurt. He's also not effective in moving the offense. Honestly his number in the past couple of games do not show us that he's a 3 year starter. Not at all. Pat Hill needs to do something and revive this offense that now is so stagnant. We need to score points. Field goals or touch downs it doesn't matter. The defense has shown that it can't get a three and out. How about that offense. What is going on there. Don't we have plenty of starters back. Do we blame the new offensive coordinator? Do we blame Tom Brandstater? Or do we blame Pat Hill for not making the necessary adjustments. I don't know anymore. I'm glad we are bowl eligible again but it's such an empty feeling when you know that this Bulldog football team is capable of being so much better.

  5. Ryan, didn't you read this blog post you commented on? I don't want to chance giving Bozo St. fans any more avenues to talk trash. They find enough ways already...

    They really laid it on as the 'Dogs started self-destructing in that third quarter. I really felt things were going the 'Dogs way after that first-half drive with several consecutive big passes. But then the 'Dogs settled for a field goal and showed uncharacteristic horrible clock management and I started to get concerned.

    Never in my wildest imagination would I believe 61-10 though. I don't even believe it as I'm tying this...

  6. Oh, and hey "Fresblows" stop trying to blame Fresno State for Bozo St.'s pathetic strength of schedule. You wouldn't have to rely on your usual strongest conference opponent if your school scheduled respectable non-conf. games on its own.

    Do we have to do EVERYTHING for you!?

  7. This is the best angle you have to go after BSU? This is pretty weak.....keep playing a tough schedule, keep suiting up 52 players for in conference road game, keep getting overhyped in the preseason and when you finally win something, then you earn the right to ask that BSU plays a tougher out of conference schedule! Besides if BSU goes to the bcs bowl game, your team benefits with millions of dollars. Pat Hill is a tired act. Your Pro-I offense is from 15 yrs ago plus. Best thing you have going is the Red Wave podcast. As Mercury Morris would say, "You guys are not even on our block!".....bow down to the dominant team ( BSU ) and keep escaping with moral victories over Wisconsin and USC from years ago...while BSU moves up in the world and leaves the WAC/ FSU in the dust.

  8. Wow. Harsh words. And let's be honest here, Fresneck is well-known for having truly classy fans.

    Enjoy your trip to the Emerald Bowl this year suckers.

  9. You trash us "Bozo State" fans so much and yet, who is it that cheers for Fresno State as if they were their very own home team when they have played in the H Bowl? Maybe you should re-evaluate who respect should be granted to! I can't think of another team whose fans would cheer wildly, wear the colors of and just be all out crazy for a rival team. I am one of those people, and if you guys end up in the H Bowl this year, I will cheer for you again!


  10. Hey StatueLeft, I'm not "going after" bsu as you stated...I'm speaking factually here. bsu plays a weak non-conference schedule. There's not getting around that. And for a team that doesn't play a tough in-conference schedule either (especially with the bottom third of the WAC) there's no room to complain about not getting in a BCS bowl.

    I know Boise State had some fans rooting for the 'Dogs in the H-bowl (I was at both of 'em) but I will never drag myself into liking bsu. It's just too hard for me to like/root for a then-average program that I saw ruin Fresno State's '01 original BCS-buster hopes in Bulldog Stadium and then get cussed at by the trash-talking Broncos players after the game. That image will forever stick in my mind.


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