Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shut Up & Hit Somebody

I've been thinking a lot about this ol' Pat Hill/Bulldog Football mantra lately. Problem is, have the Bulldogs been thinking about it?

Maybe it's time Hill return to his roots so to speak, and bring this saying out of the archives. I know he tries to come up with a different motto every season and all, but never before has "Shut Up & Hit Somebody" been so meaningful.

Enough with the weekly press conferences talking about how the days of 35-point wins are over. Enough with ranting at fans each week on the Pat Hill Show on KMJ. No excuses. This team is talented. It's deep. It might be missing the proper scheme. It might be missing an impact player or three on defense. But make due. Coach around the shortcomings. This defense hasn't stepped up and hit anyone in the mouth consistently in weeks.

Note: To those of you who have been disappointed to see fewer blogs as of late, we apologize. Some of you have made good points. Maybe the blogs shouldn't slow down just because the team isn't playing well. But we don't plan to be quiet for much longer. Against New Mexico State this week, we want to see a fanatical effort from the 'Dogs that results in a statement win and brings all the momentum heading into a game at evil san jose state (that school doesn't deserve to have its name capitalized). So here's to a full Bulldog Stadium on Saturday at 2 p.m., many packed tailgating lots starting at 10 a.m. and a 'Dog beatdown!



  2. F-ing right! And bring back simple text.


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