Tuesday, January 27, 2009

From upbeat to letdown

Upon arriving at San Jose State's campus Saturday -- after a not-so-short trek around dowtown San Jose trying to find where the heck it was (GPS couldn't even get it right) -- we spent two hours hanging around campus.

A few observations:

  • Lots of students were wandering around campus at 4:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon (kinda strange considering every single restaurant and the bowling alley was closed).
  • A whole lot of people where random college sweatshirts (we saw Virginia, Kansas, USC, Wyoming, Oregon, etc.)
  • A Spartans football player, after seeing the four of us decked out in Bulldog Red, could only smile and say, "Fresno State, huh?"
  • While the upstairs doors to The Event Center (yes, it's literally called The Event Center) remained locked until exactly one hour before game time.
  • Luckily, the doors downstairs near the "Sport Club" remain unlocked. So we walked right in with no other fans in sight and stood on the arena floor as a trickling of Spartans warmed up. The only comments we heard were from an assistant coach (who saw our clothes and said, "That's some cold s&*$," and a trainer who after seeing four people said, "Looks like we're gonna have a big crowd tonight."

The big crowd comment made us laugh, since he was seemingly poking fun at the sad state of affairs that is San Jose State sports. That had us somewhat upbeat, despite the Fresno State hoopsters' poor start to the WAC season. The big letdown came after Adrian Oliver scored 29 points and San Jose State completed a sweep of the 'Dogs for the first time since 1991.

For you Red Wavers who haven't yet seen Oliver play, think offensive talent comparable to Jaycee Carroll (only not as good from the perimeter). A comparison to Courtney Alexander might even be appropriate in that Oliver can also excel creating his own shots. But, the biggest thing that stood out, is what a trash talker Oliver is. It's hard to even respect a guy who looks his opponent in the face and runs his mouth after literally every basket. Red Wave, get ready to add Oliver (who is a Valley traitor from Modesto) to your least favorite players ever list that probably already includes guys like Carl English, Michael Ruffin, Anthony Carter, Greg Harrington, Coby Karl, Darius Songalia (just because he got away with a game-winning goaltend) and others.

One last takeaway, the "Spartan Thunder" students committed a fan blunder with the weak, no-creativity chant of "O'Neil sucks" every time Dwight O'Neil touched the ball. (He finished with a game-high 21 points, 19 in the second half). And the Spartan band is foolish with its repetitive chant of "Fresno inmates." Quick, someone ask the Spartan band what it's favorite chant for the football team's Coye Francies was...?

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  1. Your post is getting some love from the spartan board. Its really funny because they are so pround about beating a team with less scholies and less practice time.


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