Thursday, January 15, 2009

This is getting absurd

This whole changing offensive coordinators every year habit -- it's a bad one. When Fresno State hires its next O.C., the one who will replace now-departed Doug Nussmeier, it might be wise to get a true 'Dog to come back home and stay a while. But who are the candidates?

Trent Dilfer? Sure would be a huge get on the recruiting and QB tutelage end, but the former Fresno State QB is probably a longshot with his new TV gig and the rave reviews he's been getting. Plus, when he spoke at an Easter service in Fresno last year, he talked about the likelihood he'll spend a few years on TV before considering a coaching job.

Mike Martz? How exciting would that be to get a guy just a handful of years removed for the Super Bowl with the Rams? Is an assistant's job at Fresno State too much of a drop in stature (and pay) for the former 'Dog to consider it?

Kelly Skipper? The 'Dog from the '80s might jump at the chance to join younger brother Tim on the Fresno State coaching staff. But is he the best candidate?

Jeff Grady? Long assumed to be in the grooming stages for eventually landing this job, Grady has just two years coaching experience and only started a few games for Fresno State in his career as QB. But not all great coaches were great players. Grady is definitely a loyal guy with solid character. Would other coaches on staff resent it if he got the promotion?

As one final note, good riddance to Nussmeier. Speaking from a fan's point of view, I'm offended that he came in here, didn't do anything extraordinary, and then took a giant demotion in title and stature to be QB coach at Washington, a program with all of zero wins last season. Maybe it's time to talk to Jim McElwain about signing back on as the Fresno State "coach-in-waiting" since that seems to be the popular trend...?

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  1. If you look at the way the offense played over the year it was clear that Nussmeier's departure was good for the program. This offense underperformed every game and was outcoached WAY too often.

    The truth is that the state of California needs to sue the BCS so that all the state schools have equal status regarding the hiring of coaches. UCLA and Fresno State should have the same hiring opportunities not two separate pay scales because of BCS alignement.


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