Friday, March 13, 2009

Can you point me to a guard, please?

So is this who Steve Cleveland's Fresno State squad will turn to at point guard next season? Fresno City College's Sultan Toles-Bey?

If you've watched Toles-Bey play this year, we'd love to hear your he the right guy to bring in?

Interesting thought, and one that hadn't occurred to me before (mainly because all we ever hear about Ed Madec's FCC teams are that they dominate the state miraculously without any Division 1 talent. Well, maybe that's not the case this year?

Toles-Bey was the Central Valley Conference MVP and knocked down 113 3-pointers. And goodness knows Fresno State needs more out of the position than what freshman Bryce Cartwright offered down the stretch.

Cartwright still has plenty of tools and potential, but the mental mistakes and crucial turnovers late in tight games are pretty much the worst thing a point guard can do. He's supposed to be the least mistake-prone guy on the floor. Brandon Sperling isn't a starting option unless he shows improvement ball-handling and passing.

Either way, getting some new blood at the position is a must if the 'Dogs are going to win the WAC in 2009. And don't laugh, that's a legit possibility with Sylvester Seay, Paul George and incoming center Greg Smith as arguably the conference's most talented trio.

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