Monday, March 2, 2009

Curious poll results...

So, looking at our current poll on the right, lots of people have said they don't plan to attend any games at Beiden Field this season. This is quite the head-scratcher for me unless these are non-'Dogs fans voting.

I'm curious, and would like to hear from those of you who won't be attending games this year -- how come?


  1. I am a huge Dogs fan but I moved to Arizona about 15 years ago. I usually travel to a football game or two during a season, (ie USC, New Mexico, Oregon, etc) But I haven't been to a "home" game of any kind in a decade. Due to work and family and now the economy I can only take limited trips.

  2. I voted none. I currently live in NYC. I go to at least one football game a year sometimes two. This year I went to the Rutgers game. When I visit during the school year I always make a game of the sport in that season.

  3. I put 5 or more. There are 2 things that are going to hold me up from going to a baseball game. 1) Money 2)softball. If there is a game on the same day as softball I am going to pick softball first.


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