Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bulldog Stadium leaves lasting memory with Wisconsin standout

So what's Wisconsin safety Chris Maragos' favorite place to play on the road?

Penn State? Nope. Michigan? Nope. Ohio State? Nope. You can find the answer in this excerpt of this story from the Badger Herald student newspaper:

Chris Maragos: Camp Randall Stadium. You can’t beat Camp Randall, but if I had to say an away game, because I’m biased toward Camp Randall, I have to say — you see, I didn’t go to Penn State, so that’s one stadium I haven’t seen — Michigan was just average I thought, Ohio State was pretty cool, that was definitely a cool one. But I’ll tell you this, though, when we went and played Fresno State last year, that was crazy.

Their fans were so nuts, we’re coming out and their fans were like on the cages banging it and stuff, ripping over the security guards and barking at us. It was intense; that’s probably the rowdiest I’ve ever seen.

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