Saturday, February 13, 2010

The REAL Fresno State All-Decade Team

Sure, recently released its all-decade football team as voted on by 575 fans. But what do Bulldog Bouncers think? I can't help but think they're just a wee bit off on a few. Post a comment with your votes (here are the candidates):

Quarterback (Pick 1): David Carr, Paul Pinegar, Tom Brandstater, Ryan Colburn

Running Backs (Pick 2): Paris Gaines, Rodney Davis, Bryson Sumlin, Wendell Mathis, Dwayne Wright, Clifton Smith, Lonyae Miller, Anthony Harding, Ryan Mathews

Fullback (Pick 1): Roshon Vercher, Nate Adams, Reynard Camp

Wide Receivers (Pick 3): Rodney Wright, Charles Smith, Bernard Berrian, Marque Davis, Deandre Gilbert, Jermaine Jamison, Adam Jennings, Joe Fernandez, Paul Williams, Chastin West, Marlon Moore, Seyi Ajirotutu, Devon Wylie

Tight Ends (Pick 2): Duncan Reid, Jesus Tapia, Devyn McDonald, Stephen Spach, Bear Pascoe, Isaac Kinter, Vince Pascoe

Offensive Line (Pick 5): Mike Stovall, Rodney Michael, Joe Schey, Logan Mankins, Dartangon Shack, Chris Denman, Kyle Young, Cole Popovich, Ryan Wendell, Kenny Avon, Bobby Lepori, Joe Bernardi, Andrew Jackson

Defensive Line (Pick 4): Alan Harper, Jake Probst, Jason Stewart, Nick Burley, Brian Morris, Garrett McIntyre, Louis Leonard, Jason Shirley, Claude Sanders, Marlon Briscoe, Tyler Clutts, Jon Monga, Ikenna Ike, Cornell Banks, Chris Carter

Linebackers (Pick 3): Tim Skipper, Maurice Rodriguez, Sam Williams, Marc Dailey, Bryce McGill, Dwayne Andrews, Manuel Sanchez, Alan Goodwin, Marcus Riley, Ben Jacobs, Nico Herron

Cornerbacks (Pick 2): Davon Banks, Tierre Sams, Therrian Fontenot, Raymond Washington, Awan Diles, Damon Jenkins, Elgin Simmons, Richard Marshall, Marcus McCauley, Damion Owens, A.J. Jefferson, Desia Dunn

Safeties (Pick 2): Vernon Fox, Kendall Edwards, Cameron Worrell, Nate Ray, Dee Meza, James Sanders, Tyrone Culver, Vince Mays, Josh Sherley, Moses Harris, Lorne Bell

Kicker (Pick 1): Asen Asparuhov, Brett Visintainer, Clint Stitser, Kevin Goessling

Punter (Pick 1): Jason Simpson, Mike Lingua, Kyle Zimmerman, Robert Malone

Return Specialists (Pick 2): Rodney Wright, Charles Smith, Bernard Berrian, Richard Marshall, Clifton Smith, Marlon Moore, Chastin West, A.J. Jefferson


  1. QB: David Carr
    RB: Ryan Mathews, Dwayne Wright
    FB: Roshon Vercher
    WR: Bernard Berrian, Rodney Wright, Seyi Ajirotutu
    TE: Bear Pascoe, Stephen Spach
    OL: Logan Mankins, Kyle Young, Rodney Michael, Chris Denman, Andrew Jackson
    DL: Alan Harper, Garrett McIntyre, Nick Burley, Louis Leonard
    LB: Marcus Riley, Bryce McGill, Sam Williams
    CB: Richard Marshall, Marcus McCauley
    S: James Sanders, Vernon Fox
    K: Asen Asparuhov
    P: Robert Malone
    Return: Clifton Smith, A.J. Jefferson

  2. Ben Jacobs are you for really this is the real reason our defence was so bad.this guy so over rated but Hill stil start this guy. if you seen hin play he lost out there and over runs every play.

  3. all WAC.... the LT that helped snap boise 31 game win streak & almost #1 usc


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