Sunday, November 25, 2007

Grading the 'Dogs (7-4, 5-2): vs. Kansas State (5-7, 3-5)

Quarterbacks: A+
How 'bout that Brandstater!? A career-high 313 yards. Two TDs. And Kansas State never even came close to picking off a pass.

Running Backs: B-
Gotta love fourth-string tailback Harding's 115 yards and a TD coupled with Miller's 91 yards and a TD against one of the nation's best statistical run defenses. But Miller's two fumbles lost inside the 5-yard line would have been critical mistakes in a close game.

Receivers: A+
Hands down the best collective game this corps has had in the past two years. Moore has scratched his prime as the first receiver to top 100 yards all season (134) to go with two TDs.

Offensive Line: A
Possibly this unit's best game ever. Dominant pass blocking and oft-dominant run blocking equals a blowout.

Defensive Line: A
The pivotal play of the game came just after Fresno State took a 17-14 lead, when Tolbert forced Freeman to fumble and Clutts recovered, leading to another TD.

Linebackers: A-
After giving up 67- and 45-yard TD runs in the first quarter, allowed just 14 yards rushing the rest of the game.

Defensive Backs: B+
Although Nelson gathered 15 catches for 165 yards, Jenkins, Owens and Harris all made clutch stops and deflections. Jorde filled in nicely for the injured Bell.

Special Teams: B-
Special teams didn't play much of a factor as the 'Dogs had their worst return game of the season with Jefferson and Smith injured. Stitser hit a 46-yarder.


  1. what a great game for the 'Dogs?!

    almost a perfect game all-around, if it wasn't for those fumbles!!


  2. Tommy B. finally showed he was a big time QB this weekend!! i've been waiting for a game like that from him all year long. here's hoping he only improves from here on out and does not regress to the Tommy we've seen for most the year. great game TB and the rest o the BDs!!

  3. Hey DJ Markie Mark: Does a "big time" QB usually take this long to prove himself?

    Just wondering...

    Steve Burnes

  4. Not usually, but maybe he just needed some other weapons to step up in the receiving game? Marlon Moore and Seyi Ajirotutu deserve a heck of a lot of credit, and Jason Crawley made a great catch too.

    When these guys mature as better route-runners (as Joe Fernandez did from his sophomore to junior season), they'll be very dangerous.

  5. We're not exactly Appalachian State. he has to be good to even have made it this far in his football career, at QB Univ no less. he has been touted and Hill has been all big on him. but until K state we have only see flashes of potential. I dont think he has to prove himself as a big time QB, becuase he's already playing D-1 college football as a starter. what i want is for him to perfom consistently. would you have thought after the draft a few eyars ago that David Carr would need to prove himself? the guy just didn't perfom up to expectations.. and for a multitude of reasons which may and/or may not be his fault. i believe the same situation applies here.


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