Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I don't like having peripheral vision...

I want to be able to concentrate on the fun part of college sports. The family. The friends. The games. The stats. The football team's good grades. Marcus Riley knocking Colt Brennan out cold, making him fumble, Chris Carter scoring a touchdown and none of it counting (but that's a whole 'nother topic).

Anyway, I'm tired of seeing all the scandalous parts of the games out of the corner of my eyes. Sometimes I wish I didn't have that peripheral vision.

When I turn on the Ch. 47 news and the first three stories aired involve scandal within the Fresno State athletic department, it upsets me. Doesn't it you?

Great news! Jason Shirley appealed his season-long suspension and was granted a return to the team. But does he deserve it? It's up to the courts what his punishment will be, and court is becoming an all-to-common site of Fresno State news these days.

The next story aired was about b-ball Kentucky transfer Rekalin Sims, a post player who will no doubt make a major impact if he ever suits up for the 'Dogs, but was reportedly arrested and is being investigated to see how/if he's connected to the robbery of a "handicapped" man. Now, the one time that I've met Rekalin, he took the initiative to approach us and introduce himself by name and say he's glad to meet us and looking forward to playing for Fresno State. Polite guy. More than most. Let's just say if I had to guess which of the b-ball players were most likely to have a legal issue, I would have pegged Sims more like Tyson Parker than Terry Pettis.

Speaking of Terry Pettis, his deposition has been the talk of the town as the Stacy Johnson-Klein lawsuit drags on. That was the third story on tonight's news.

You know, this whole bad-publicity-is-better-than-no-publicity idea is cute, but what happens when it takes so long to report the bad publicity that we run out of time to talk or think about anything else?

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