Sunday, November 18, 2007

In case you STILL need an incentive...

In case you STILL need an incentive to get your butt in Bulldog Stadium on Saturday for Fresno State's home finale against Kansas State, here are three more.

1. Clifton Smith
2. Tyler Clutts
3. Marcus Riley

Actually, there are 16 seniors we'll have to say goodbye to. And as you ponder the best way to bid them farewell (which will have something to do with severely damaging your vocal chords yelling for them as they head through the inflatable doghouse), remember these tidbits:

KSEE24 had a great idea on "Bulldog Insider" tonight, where Alexan Balekian sat down with Clif, Clutts and Riley to talk about their fondest 'Dogs memories. All three of 'em said there truly is nothing in college football quite like the walk down the Bulldog Stadium ramp, getting in that doghouse and running through the smoke and fireworks in front of 42,000 pumped-up Red Wavers. (NOTE TO FANS: that means we need 42,000 Red Wavers Saturday to give 'em that one last dream come true).

Then, if you need further evidence these guys are perfect examples of Bulldog Football, Balekian asked what one thing they will take away from Pat Hill?

Clutts said it's that hard work pays off.

Riley said it's that football teaches lifelong lessons, and the way you act when no one is watching is what's most important.

And Clifton summed up the Bulldog Spirit better than anyone. He said the day he stepped on campus as a freshman he learned from Hill that we're Bulldog born, Bulldog bred, we'll be Bulldogs 'til the day we're dead.

Well Clif, Marcus and Tyler, I'm here to say we'll be right there with you. Look for us in the stands. We're the ones wearing Bulldog Red.

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