Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fresno State Dream Team: Linebackers

Let's open up the voting at linebacker -- but make sure to look beyond just this past season. Each Bulldog Bounce blogger has turned in his own votes for each position already, but we want to hear what you -- the readers -- think. Then, at the end of all the voting we'll compare our results to yours.

We'll go position-by-position with the idea of starting healthy debate about why so-and-so is better than such-and-such? YOU decide the criteria! What's more important? College stats or pro? Four-year starters or JC transfers? Single-season greatness or consistency?

Next up is linebacker, and the nominees are:
--Bobby Brooks
--Ron Cox
--A.J. Gass
--David Grayson
--Orlando Huff
--Bryce McGill
--Ron Papazian
--Marcus Riley
--Maurice Rodriguez
--Tracy Rogers
--Tim Skipper
--Sam Williams

In a vote where five guys were right in the mix for just three spots, The Bulldog Bounce selects Ron Cox, Marcus Riley and Tim Skipper as Fresno State's greatest all-time linebackers. Cox was the only unanimous first-team selection, while Skipper received three first-team votes and one second-team and Riley had two first-team and two second-team. Bryce McGill and Orlando Huff each got one first-team vote and three second-team, while Tracy Rogers was the only other alum with a first-team vote. A.J. Gass had two second-team votes and Ron Papazian had one.

Have fun, voice your opinion and let the voting begin! The nominees will remain posted in the right-hand column for you to choose from, but please add comments to this blog entry as well.


  1. Protest comment- some dudes missing that we can't vote for- notably, two-time All American Doug Brown - who won at two postions (guard & center)! Erv Hunt, the D Back All American. Other names that might have been good to see would have been Tom McCall, Steve Cordle, and Asen Asparuhov. Just, imo

  2. All good names indeed, but I'm not sure why you suggested all of these under linebacker...?

    Cordle is one of the choices right now, and Asparuhov definitely will be (although it's very debateable whether either wins out). Erv Hunt is another good one, but I don't believe he's anywhere in the record books at all.

    Still, feel free to voice your opinion if you think anyone not listed deserves your vote. I don't personally believe any of those guys do with the possible exception of Asparuhov, and even he probably does not.


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