Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Interesting Bark Board question posed...

Over on the Bark Board there's talk of who are the "best high school products from the Valley"...?

Well, let's spin it a little differently over here. Since this is about Fresno State sports, let's talk who are the best Valley high school athletes who went on to play for Fresno State?

Chime in with your thoughts on your alma mater and we'll keep a running list as we go...


  1. Buchanan: Kyle Goodman, Jory Mason, Justin Wilson, Mallory Perkins

  2. THE Clovis High School: Amanda Scott, Jamie Southern, Tyler Clutts, Chris Patrick, Brandon Miller, Jenna Cervantez...

    DC, I feel like I'm missing some people. Add them as you go!

  3. Jordan Christensen, Tony Guzman, Lenny McCormick, Nichole Willis, Matt Lindsey, Matt Rivera, Daryl Miller (track), Jennifer Shipley, Matt Shaw, Antonea Lugo ... I think there's more too

  4. Hoover: Henry Ellard, NFL H.O.F'er!

    I'm sure there are more athletes from the earlier days ...

  5. Yes, Ellard should be in the Hall of Fame.

    Other Hoover guys: Ahijah Lane, Ja'Vance Coleman and Nathan Lee.

    Anyone else come to mind?

    Come on! Wake up Edison, Clovis West, Bullard and Fresno people!

  6. Don't forget Jeff Thiesen. Was a four-year varsity starter for Clovis (which doesn't happen often) and played linebacker for the Bulldogs. Played at Clovis in the 80s.

  7. Whoops, major addition to the Hoover alums...STEVE CLEVELAND! Woo!

  8. bobby jones: fresno high
    tom goodwin: central
    lorenzo neal: lemoore
    tim mcdonald: edison
    wendell mathis: merced
    bryce mcgill: bakersfield
    demetrius porter: SJM/washington
    chris jeffries: clovis/washington
    jake bragonier aka churro legs: merced (ok, maybe he didn't play at fresno, but he was allegedly the best youth tennis players to ever come out of merced)

    obscure athletes to come from fresno and go on to have pro careers: bruce bowen and brian williams aka bison dele (presumed to have been killed by brother kevin willams aka miles dabord). both went to edison.

  9. oh, another two:
    david carr and carson palmer, kastner intermediate

    they almost played on the same middle school team!

  10. and another couple:
    bernard berrian, atwater
    logan mankins, mariposa

  11. I think you made a Big ERROR in asking this question because the truth be told their has never been a truly GREAT ATHLETE to come from the San Joaquin Valley!!!!! DC3 could you put another error on the Chuckchansi Park scoreboard for me!! Thanks!

  12. That's crazy talk, even for an anonymous guy, and I hope you're joking. I don't know what your definition of great is, but:
    --Lorenzo Neal (Lemoore - greatest FB of all-time)
    --Henry Ellard (Hoover - retired as NFL's fourth leading WR of all-time)
    --David Carr (Kastner/Stockdale -No. 1 overall draft pick)
    --Tom Goodwin (Central - set NCAA record in steals)
    --Logan Mankins (Mariposa - arguably the best guard in the NFL)
    --Bernard Berrian (Atwater - all-pro caliber WR)
    --Bobby Jones (Fresno - '91 NCAA Pitcher of the Year)
    --Jamie Southern (Clovis - one of top pitchers in NCAA history)
    --Amanda Scott (Clovis - one of top pitchers in NCAA history)

    That's just a taste of those who've come from Valley high schools before heading to Fresno State...

  13. apparently, that moron has never heard of bob mathias or rafer johnson. what an idiot.


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