Sunday, April 13, 2008

Top 10 reasons you should go to the Spring Game

Fresno State's final football scrimmage of spring camp is Saturday at 2 p.m. at Bulldog Stadium. Why should you go?

10. Be one of the first to see a Bulldogs team that is likely to start the '08 season ranked in the top 25
9. If a 350-pound true freshman (who I'm pretty sure would never get carded at a bar) such as Devan Cunningham can practice in 90-plus degrees, then you better show up to watch him
8. Analyze the Chris Carter-Michael Stuart-Chris Lewis race to replace Tyler Clutts at defensive end
7. Somebody needs to help Pat Hill figure out how to use all these wide receivers
6. If you're Tim Lang or Porter Hill, we want you to put a uniform on and least by the fall
5. This might be your only chance all year to see Pat Hill sporting a non-faded 'Dogs cap
4. Simply to see LB Nico Herron's new hairdo (think Kid 'N' Play)...and he hits mighty hard too
3. Judging by attendance at the first two spring scrimmages, this could be a record-breaking Spring Game if we all show up
2. If you don't show up, Ryan Mathews will run by and stiff arm you to the ground
1. Because we all have the privilege of saying "Bulldog born, Bulldog bred, I'll be a Bulldog 'til the day I'm dead"


  1. Porter Hill hopefully will never be a bulldog. He has no work ethic.


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