Monday, June 30, 2008

Where were YOU when...?

We'll all be talking about it for years, decades even, telling our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Cousins and friends. Everyone.

Where were you when the 2008 Diamond 'Dogs won the College World Series championship?

Me, I picked the worst week of the year to leave town, flying to a Hawaiian destination wedding for a family member. But I'll tell you what, if ever you want to find out just how many Fresno State faithful are in the Hawaiian islands at a given time, go there during the "Wonderdogs" run to the CWS title fully clothed in your baseball gear.

I saw a guy with a backwards red 'Dogs cap hanging with his fam along the beach, a guy with a blue Fresno State golf polo at the pool bar, some casually dressed fans who said their pastor is Mitch Ribera (DH Jordan Ribera's pops), a hostess in the middle of a small jungle town who said she's from Fresno, a group of four site-see-ers from Caruthers, and the list goes on -- including at least half of the 80-something visiting for the wedding.

I'll always remember where I was for this miraculous postseason run. Any other week and you can bet bottom dollar I'd be in Omaha with the Diamond 'Dogs, but this week called for extraordinary measures -- catching the 'Dogs on TV between rehearsal dinner, crater trips and limo rides to the wedding. As a matter of fact, I was in that limo as Fresno State recorded the final out in a 6-1 championship game win over Georgia.

A good friend called. I picked up without saying hello, heard my closest pals screaming, and just hung up. That's all I needed to know. We won. I sat staring out the limo and into the Pacific Ocean in silence, years of Fresno State baseball memories rushing through my mind. A dream come true. For all of us.


  1. i was at a friends (i dont have ESPN) right after the game we took off and drove around the bulldog shop blasting the fight song and hey baby to anyone who would listen

  2. It was my 25th Wedding Anniversary, my wife had already cancelled our dinner reservations and said "This is special (Championship Game) you should watch it live" a beautiful women too - no wonder we made it 25 years. I don't know if it's easier remembering my anniversary date now or the champioship date.

  3. In Omaha sitting on the 1st base side like all of the other games. Probably the greatest experience ever, especially since I played with some of the guys. We talked to 'em after all the games including getting to celebrate on the field with them after the championship game.

  4. To anonymous: I know she's taken, but I love your wife. What a great story.

  5. I was at Dog House Grill for the games Sunday thru Wednesday. I blame Monday's loss on myself because I wore my work clothes (e.g. business attire) instead of my Fresno State CWS shirt and cargo shorts. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I wore them cheering on our Dogs. At Dog House, we were doing the usual Sugar Bear cheers, singing the Fight Song, and "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" during the 7th inning stretch.

    We also took to the streets and shut down Shaw Avenue for a little while. Nonetheless, I was proud to say that I am an alumnus of THE Fresno State Bulldogs!

    BCS or bust anyone?

  6. I was fortunate enough to be at the game in left field with my family. We were able to make it to four games at the CWS. We now live in Nebraska so the CWS is a short commute.

    I would agree that it was the greatest events I have ever experienced.

    Two days later my boys were in the back yard playing baseball. I stood by the back window and listened in on their game... "No I'm Steve Susdorf, you're Steve Detwiler" They will never forget one of the greatest moments in sports history - maybe even grow up and be a Bulldog.

  7. Wow, what an incredible story...I hope I can hear my kids playin' ball in the back yard one day and talking the same way.

    What a dream come true for any 'Dog dad! From all of us back in the Valley, thanks for going out and making an impact as a fan at the CWS!


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