Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Is the Swamp Thing an animal?

I've been tossing this question around for a few minutes tonight, wondering whether the Swamp Thing is an animal? If not, then what is he/it? And if so, then I'm shocked the animal rights activists aren't all over this story...

Apparently, San Jose State's Spartan Stadium -- so lovingly called swamp by the friendly Red Wavers -- is getting field turf. Our assumption here at The Bulldog Bounce is this will yank Swamp Thing's habitat right out from under him/it, displacing him/it from his/its home. Click here for photos of this bittersweet news.

All joking aside, the new turf looks, well, a little too new for the rest of Spartan Stadium and its faded bleachers and chair-backs. But it's likely a positive long-term step for San Jose State's bottom line, the way it would be for Fresno State's. Still, count me as one 'Dog fan who hopes to see real grass in Bulldog Stadium for years to come -- there's just something special about the real thing. Outdoor sports were meant to be played on natural surfaces.


  1. Actually, I kinda like the new field at Spartan Stadium. This is something that is sorely needed at Bulldog Stadium.

    The valley summers are hot hot hot and it takes more money in the long run to water natural grass year round not to mention the mowing and the maintenence required. Besides, by mid November, the grass at Bulldog Stadium looks awful.

    People in the Valley are concerned with saving water, so Fresno State should do their part and switch from grass to Fieldturf.

  2. Fieldturf would be murder at Bulldog Stadium. I was out at Reedley High School for a track meet a couple of weeks ago, and while it was 65 degrees, it felt 20-25 degrees hotter down on the field. I have a buddy that played on FT in college back in Kansas, and he absolutely hates it.


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