Monday, April 27, 2009

Couldn't have scripted it better

"Tommy drafted by broncos," read the text message I received en route to a wedding on Sunday afternoon. "First pick in 6th round."

Before I could even react that oh-so-familiar beeping alert of another text message popped up. "49ers select bear!" Yep, it came from a happy Niners fan.

My reaction -- wow, what a perfect situation for both these guys. Jay Cutler leaves the Denver Broncos, and Fresno State Tom Brandstater, a guy who's been considered a marginal prospect by many goes to the team with the least quarterback depth in the NFL. No one, not even Tommy B. himself, expected he'd get a starting job right away. And there's a heck of a chance he still won't. But the good thing for him is he's got a solid chance to make a roster and he doesn't have a steep hill to climb with the guys in front of him (Kyle Orton and Chris Simms) looking more like foothills than mountains.

Bear Pascoe, Fresno State's lovable calf-roping champion of a tight end, gets to be a San Francisco 49er. Another sixth-round pick, it's pretty much certain Pascoe will see the field right away, probably as the 49ers No. 1 blocking tight end in short-yardage situations. The good thing is -- no matter how slow his 40-time was perceived to be at the combine -- Pascoe's got great hands and good game speed. He'll make plays at the next level and become a fixture. Just a hunch, but don't be surprised if Mike Singletary falls in love with Pascoe's style of play.

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  1. haha im famous. glad my texts could help.
    BTW, both players went to the perfect situation


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