Saturday, September 8, 2007

Do we have to?

OK, that song down there that FSdogs1 posted, seriously, it sucks.

Yeah, uh-huh, hardy-har-har. She's singing about Fresno State and some of the players are mentioned by name and there are football references. The word Texas is said at some point.

But it's set to the music of Billie Jean, which was relevant like, what, 20 years ago? That's like four Michael Jackson plastic surgeries ago. At least three pedophile accusations ago.

This is at least close to the truth: Someone actually said, "Hey, lets write a song about Fresno State football." And someone else, maybe the same person, responded with, "Yeah, and let's set it to Billie Jean! That will be cool."

"So what that it's a Michael Jackson song about him denying bastard children? It's educational in that sense."

Anway, we didn't really respond to the song just because we wanted to bash the hard work of people who put in a lot of time and effort to be the next Weird Al and remake Michael Jackson songs -- except without being funny.

I guess that would make the writer of this Fresno State song "Normal Al." Or is it just plain "Al"? Or "Just Plain Al"?

Whatever. What we really want to do is start a debate. Or pose a question to our fellow bloggers and readers.

Just because something says Fresno State on it does that make it automatically good in your eyes?

I mean, this song was made to promote Fresno State. We like Fresno State. Does that mean we have to like the song, too?

Does that mean we have to like Fresno State Bulldog Buns? We certainly liked the jingle. But all those seeds on top kind of got stuck in between our teeth.

And what exactly do you do with a Fresno State hard hat? Wear it to work? Go walk by a construction site and show off? Tell everyone you're the Fresno State boilermaker?

Bottom line, do we have to like everything Fresno State, no matter how lame it is? We know some who'd say, yes. These are probably the ones defending brown Timeout. But give us some feedback. What do you think?


  1. Nah...u r right: Lame song. Still, if it is about Fresno State I will listen to it. I'm always interested in anything "Bulldog."

    BTW, satire songs always pick an easily-identified melody so the mases can relate immediately. It's not their fault that song was a huge hit (old or not).

    My fear: They'll choose Free Bird for next week's battle cry!

    Go 'Dogs, beat TAMU!!!

    Steve Burnes

  2. Dude, they put Bulldogs lyrics to a new song every week. That's the point. I can't believe you just wasted all that time complaining about something cool!?

    And for the record, Fresno State Bulldog Buns were/are AMAZING!!! They had our buns right heeeere!

  3. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And Fresno State Bulldog Buns are easily the best tasting buns in the business. So is Bulldog Root Beer and Fresno State ice cream.

    "We gotcha your buns, gotcha gotcha buns right, we gotcha buns right here. Fresno State Bulldog buns!"


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