Sunday, September 30, 2007

Grading the 'Dogs: vs. Louisiana Tech

Quarterbacks: D+
Didn't get much time to throw, but worst performance of the year only 8 for 22 and a few questionable decisions.

Running Backs: C+
Averaged 4 yards per carry as a unit -- hard to figure why 'Dogs didn't run more in first half? Miller must improve on his 2.8-yard average.

Receivers: D+
Crawley's TD was game's only big play, but unit struggled to get open at times and losing Moore to injury would be devastating.

Offensive Line: C-
Hard for Brandstater to pass with constant pressure -- two sacks allowed, but played well in spurts.

Defensive Line: B
Superb in the second half behind Clutts' nine tackles and four sacks. Monga added three sacks and Shirley had one.

Linebackers: B-
Could not stop Tech's Jackson early, but rebounded. Riley was the constant with a game-high 14 tackles.

Defensive Backs: B+
Might remain nation's top-statistical pass defense after giving up just 182 yards. More importantly, the group stopped Tech from getting big-chunk-of-yardage plays.

Special Teams: B
Punting game was fantastic (three inside the 20), Jefferson had 56-yard kick return and Stitser hit 46-yard field goal.


  1. how can we get better on offense, are we going to score enough points to hang with hawaii or boise? what do u think

  2. I didn't get to see the game, but I listened on radio. You could just "'hear' between the lines" that Jordy felt that our offense makes very questionable decisions, beginning with our QB and his anxious feet.

    We have an improved QB over last year, but our O line has to play much better because TB needs extra time to make good decisions, to plant his feet, and to zero in his throws, IMHO. Game day is much faster than practice day, yet the game just has to slow down for Brandstater if we are to beat hawaii or boise, not to mention nevada.

    Go 'Dogs!!

    Steve Burnes

  3. look, anyone notice how running off tackle and around the corners actually worked, meanwhile "smashmouth" football got us a bunch of nothing? its a bit hard to play smashmouth when we have all the problems were having so far with our O-line. more sweeps!! omg, a REVERSE!! pitch it to the outside.. let's utilize our STRENGTHS in the running game (speed, shiftiness, jukes, etc) until our young O-line can get better at opening holes for our bruisers.
    tommy B,.. please, dear god please, we need you to stop being so indecisive and either a) roll and throw, or b) tuck and run... and SLIDE!! none of this, "roll out, tuck it, then stop to throw it, then go to run it.." and then either run head on with a opposing man 3 times your size or throw it at a bulldog who is covered by 6 guys. and please, get your throws down. more than 75% of your throws force the target to jump for it, leaving him wide open for a shot, and slowign down the momentum needed for crucial Yards After Catch. WE KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!! so lets get it DONE.

  4. As far as the offense goes, to be honest, I think we're seeing that the receiving corps wasn't quite as deep as we thought. The talent is there, but the performance hasn't caught up to the talent yet.

    Crawley needs to become a sure-thing possession WR (which he's very capable of) and Ajirotutu needs to have his breakout game. The way he's playing right now reminds me of the early Paul Williams years, before he reached his potential as a junior. Ajirotutu may be the most talented of the bunch.

    Whether Marlon Moore is able to go on Saturday will make a HUGE difference.


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