Sunday, September 2, 2007

Grading the 'Dogs: vs. Sac State

Quarterbacks: C+
Brandstater competed hard with no picks, but is still throwing off-balance, must bring completion percentage up.

Running Backs: B+
266 yards rushing is huge, and while Miller wasn't up to par Mathews wowed and Smith showed he has more speed than ever, fumble by Harding also hurt.

Receivers: C+
Need to spread the ball around more, but receivers weren't getting open early. Moore's 7 catches surpassed his 2006 total, but the lunging fumble was unecessary. Pascoe showed why he's on his way to becoming the best TE in school history.

Offensive Line: C+
Two sacks by Sac State is too much for a unit that allowed just 12 last season, but the group battled hard. Lepori looked banged up and was peeling himself off the ground in the second half.

Defensive Line: A-
Tolbert and Monga were the best they've ever been in Shirley's absence as the unit spent most of the game in the opposing backfield, but Jason Roberts didn't come close to his potential. Ike is still the team's best pass rusher.

Linebackers: B+
Riley is back ladies and gents, and he's as good as ever, but McKinley disappeared after getting the start and Bates took most of the reps. Jacobs had a strong debut and looked like a leader already.

Defensive Backs: A-
It didn't take a whole lot to look good against this offense, but allowed just 60 yards passing and got a lot of players involved in the action.

Special Teams: A
Stitser's 47-yarder a career long, Jefferson blocks a field goal, Harris and Bell come up with monster hits and Wylie's speed will get him past the 20-yard line every return.

Coaching: B+
Gotta wonder about a couple passing calls, but the defensive playcalling was near perfect.


  1. Please check your program , # 30 was not Cheese, it was Bates. If you are going to report the inside facts you need to get them straight.

  2. hey up there ^ settle down ...

    i heard someone on the post-game show give Brandstate a "B" and i was wondering what i missed ... i think the C+ is still generous but he didnt really make any mistakes but i'm still not too confident about him

    didnt Stitser also miss a kick (the missed kick was well short)(

  3. thanks for checking in, Bates' mom.

  4. I apologize for the Cheese-Bates error. I realized that this morning, and have corrected it. I believe there was a roster floating around at some point with those guys' numbers different.

    I wasn't reporting the inside facts, a blog is actually the writers' opinions.

  5. Stitser did miss a field goal, but it was a long one, and it appeared to be just wide but long enough.

  6. Has there been any reports of how Lonyae Millers ankle injury is doing, is he going to be 100% for TAMU? Since Ryan Mathews played so well in this game do you think they will move him up in the rotation for TAMU?


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