Friday, September 28, 2007

La. La. Land

If you thought we were going to get through a week without the customary trash talk, you thought wrong.

How could we miss an opportunity to smack the fake Bulldogs. The phony Bulldogs. The bullcrap Bulldogs.

Seriously, how many people in this country even know La. Tech's mascot is a bulldog? You couldn't tell that by looking at their actual mascot costume.

It looks like the bastard child of one of the old Timeout's steaming diarrheas and Otis Nixon.

As far as America is concerned, the only thing anyone knows about Ruston is that the women's basketball team is the Lady Techsters.

We actually went through most of our life thinking La. Tech's football team was the Male Techsters.

Then we got a chance to see them when they joined the WAC and realized "Male" was a little too ambitious for them.

So we've got a new name for these wimpy bulldogs that wish they were the Fresno State Bulldogs. La. Tech shall now and forever be referred to by The Bulldog Bounce as "the La. Tech Stans."

That's right, La. Tech. We're chart-topping, hit-making Eminem, and you are the bleach blond wannabe who writes us letters in his basement while wearing a dirty old wife-beater.

No, we will NOT meet you or "be together," and we hope you get some help for your identity neuroses.


  1. I can not wait to see your thoughts on Monday. You make Eminem sound like a genius.

  2. You are comparing yourselves to eminem and bragging about it?

    California fruits and nuts!!!!

  3. You had the gall to make fun of somebody's mascot with that hideous new costume?

    Tech has a great story for having the bulldog mascot and had it a good 21 years before Fresno and 20 years before Georgia.

  4. Wow, an Eminem reference from 7 years ago, really??? That's the best smack talk you have??? How about this, Have fun crying Saturday night with you're overated walrus coach and copy cat our downsyndrome bulldog -

  5. You can laugh at the Eminem reference all you want, but you can't argue with the Otis Nixon comparison...

  6. You are the worst blogger ever.

    Your outdated, horribly unfunny, and out-and-out unentertaining musings are too sorry for even a Fresno State fan blog.

    You suck at this. Please come to and learn a thing or two.

    Lastly, your autistic mascot looks like it rides the short bus to Bulldog Stadium. Please fix this.

  7. "Autistic mascot" huh? I wasn't aware you could tell a mascot (or a person) was autistic just by looking at him?

  8. You poor deluded child. Let's see what you have to say Saturday night. The Bulldog has been Louisiana Tech's mascot for over one hundred years. Louisiana Tech University was founded in 1894 and is blessed with a rich history and fine tradition. Fresno State has a tradition and proven history of foulmouthed fans with no taste and worse manners. Your fans are the reason visiting teams have to sit on the home side of WAC stadiums. Fresno State having a bulldog as a mascot is an insult to all the other universities the bulldog represents. It's an insult to bulldogs as well. Your blog is pathetic, little man. I can't wait until tomorrow night! Go DAWGS and I do mean the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs!

  9. Yeah honestly I kindof always secretly (well, not a secret anymore) wished that Fresno State could have- back in the 19XX whatevers- picked a more 'regional' mascot that reflects the central valley better and was particular to the area- like how the Buckeyes, Cornhuskers, Longhorns, Sooners, Hawkeyes or Jayhawks all represent symbols of their state or region. I always thought bulldogs was kind of a easy cop-out like 'wildcats' or something like that, really a common team name that isn't really 'special'

    Still, go bulldogs.

  10. Ok, Ok, so the La Tech fans make a point, Time Out is pretty freakin ugly, but what the hell???

    La Tech doesn't even belong in the WAC. We need to boot these fools so they can find a conference that's right for them (The glorious Sun Belt).

    The only thing Lousiana Tech is known for is Karl Malone (a black guy who drives a big rig, amazing) and there uniforms that look like they were picked out of a closet with the lights off. Why the BLUE uniforms and the tired RED helmets.

    La's time for a change.

  11. The reason for FSU's bulldog mascot is well known: Back in the day, b4 it became CSUF (or even FSC) there was a real bulldog that adopted the campus. The students themselves picked the name "Bulldogs" based on their love for that dog.

    We may be the only school in the nation that had our mascot pick us, rather than visa versa!

    "Bulldogs" is neither generic or a "cop-out." It's legit!

    Go 'Dogs, beat down LaTech!!!

    Steve Burnes

  12. Steve Burnes: giving us a REAL history lesson we all care about instead of about some dump school from god knows where. our new Timeout may look a bit too "happy", but GOOD GOD, you Tech guys have no room talk with that rediculous Joan-Rivers-without-plastic-surgery-looking piece of trash you let onto your field!!

  13. Can you say Willie Roaf? Can you say Matt Stover? Can you say Josh Scobee? Tim Rattay? Luke McCown? Troy Edwards? Trey Junkin?
    How about PJ Brown and Paul Milsap in the NBA?

    And last but not least can you say Terry Bradshaw?

    Nuff Said. GO DAWGS!!!!!

  14. Huh!? Are you trying to compare alumni? You have nowhere near the number of NFL players Fresno State has. Here are some current ones...

    David Carr, Trent Dilfer, Billy Volek, Dwayne Wright (remember him from '06?), Wendell Mathis, Michael Pittman, Lorenzo Neal, Derrick Ward, Bernard Berrian, Paul Williams, Adam Jennings, Logan Mankins, Chris Denman, Bryan Robinson, Louis Leonard, Orlando Huff, Sam Williams, Omar Stoutmire, Vernon Fox, Richard Marshall, Marcus McCauley, Tyrone Culver, James Sanders...

    Congrats on Terry Bradshaw. We have Henry Ellard.

    And congrats on Karl Malone. We don't have a men's b-ball who was that good in the NBA.

  15. Well, well, well. I think 17-6 says it all. Hey La Tech, our checkered endzones called, they wondered if you guys showed up tonight?

    Ok Ok, Willie Roaf is very good and Matt Stover is pretty good, but none of the rest of those guys are anything to write home about (I'm excluding Bradshaw, who was the beneficiary of a great Steeler team in the 70's). Look at our list of real Dogs on this home page and compare them to your weak Dogs. Oh, and don't forget about former WR Henry Ellard (who should be in the Hall of Fame).

    In the words of Steve Perry, "Wonder who's cryin' now?"
    La Tech, go away, go away, go away! Get ready for your beatdown next week from (fill in the blank U).

  16. And P.S...Karl Malone is the man!

  17. where all the la tech fans now, u guys stink, i thought our offense was bad

  18. hell, make that 24-6 with that fumble recovery for a TD we didn't get the call for.


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