Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Did you guys read that today...?

The story in today's paper says Fresno State is thinking about adding one or two more women's sports -- makes sense, until you see the "emerging" list of NCAA "sports" they're thinking about adding.

If it's badminton, I'll show them a birdie. No one wants to watch that. Squash? Are we talkin' 'bout eating or competing? (What the heck is squash anyway!?) Archery, team handball, synchronized swimming? Anyone know what high schools you're gonna recruit those athletes from...? And rugby...who even knew girls play rugby? (OK, actually I might be tempted to go see this).

But let's think a second here. The athletic department just eliminated swimming a few years or so ago. Swimming couldn't have been that expensive to run (here's some cool bathing suits and a towel, good luck). But, heck, if you're not going to reinstate that program, let's at least create one that's gonna be great on a national level (which every program on campus should be).

Wait, here's an idea...women's water polo. Think about it. You have a handful of some of the state's most talented teams right in your own back yard. Clovis West. Clovis. Buchanan. In a few years Clovis North will be one. Maybe even Clovis East? Throw in a couple-few girls from the south Valley and north Valley and you've got an instant top 25 threat. Heck, two of San Diego State's best players right now are Clovis West and Buchanan alums. And the Lady Aztec-sters just finished third in the country!'s a no-brainer.

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