Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hawaii to the BCS?

Part of me says "good." (Fresno State could use the extra $300,000 or so)

Part of me says "darn it!" (Who are we kidding? Hawaii has always been full of a bunch of trash-talking jerks in football and b-ball, has a football coach who made screwdriver claims that still haven't been substantiated and unruly fans who pick on old ladies).

Part of me says "I hope they somehow fall to 13th in the BCS rankings." (That way playing a pathetic excuse for a non-conf. schedule won't be encouraged).

Alls I know is that whatever happens, the 'Dogs are setting out to make it next season (only an undefeated 'Dogs record against UCLA, K-State, Wisconsin and Toledo would equal a berth in the national championship). Buckle up Red Wave!


  1. i have a really good feeling about next year and i think we will bound back into the national spotlight once again. it all hinges on wether or not we can STAY HEALTHY for 12 games.

  2. Why wait 'til next year? Let's make sure we stay in the spotlight wiht a beatdown of Georgia Tech!!!


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