Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Wendell, Riley, Clutts and Bear, oh my!

You've gotta appreciate that the WAC got this one right -- Marcus Riley, WAC defensive player of the year. I was relieved to hear there was no truth to the rumor Matt Costelo of SJSU was gonna get it.

Hawaii's Colt Brennan got offensive player of the year. Anyone else want a bumper sticker that says, "Our WAC player of the year knocked your WAC player of the year out cold" ...? I do.

Congrats also to Ryan Wendell, Tyler Clutts and Bear Pascoe for their first-team All-WAC honors. But you've gotta wonder how the heck A.J. Jefferson (the nation's LEADING kick returner) gets left off!?

And Bobby Lepori nowhere on first- or second-team? No Ryan Mathews!? Not even for newcomer of the year. The guy leads the nation in TDs among freshmen despite missing two games with injuries and can't get any mention on the All-WAC list? Nevada's Colin Kaepernick is good, but not Mathews good.

And I see the WAC used this as a perfect opportunity to leave off Ben Jacobs -- good thing, 'cause it'll be their only chance not to choose him for the next three years.

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