Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sorry Bozo State...

I know you're in the WAC and all, and it looks good for the conference if we all win our bowl games, but I just can't pull for you. I'm loving every minute of this East Carolina game so far...

I appreciate your support as we get ready to take on Georgia Tech in the Humanitarian Bowl New Year's Eve, but I can't be happy when you win. Not tonight. Not ever. I love one college football team. I loathe the rest. And I REALLY can't stand you.


  1. You know what? That's just weak. The BOZO State? There's alot of really cool people in Idaho. They don't --not many-- refere to California,or Fresno and the valley in such ways. Yeah, Boise layed down,and gave it up like a cheap hoe. But come on. They have the spot that we want back. we'll get it too. It will be great when we own the wac title for many years in a row. For the sake of our conference can't we try to be mostly civil. I know that Boise has their share of asshole fans that despise FS. Can we show some wac unity aside from the week leading to,and following our rivalry game? Opinions are like buttholes. Yours stinks and so does mine,and everyone else's..Do whatever..JMO 2cents
    Go FS Bulldogs!

  2. Yes, they HAD the WAC title, which we want. But we still have the spot of giant-slayer.

    And Boise State still has NEVER beaten a BCS-conf. team on the road...

  3. were still the top dog... fsdogs1 said it. beat as many bcs team in as short of time as we have.. be televised as many times in as short of time as we have. we still own the top spot in both of these. oompa loompa state is having a very good run in wac games, but we still top them overall, bcs or no bcs.


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