Sunday, March 23, 2008

As good a guy who's ever worn Bulldog Red

Trent Dilfer. If he's not your favorite 'Dog of all-time, he should be. Or at least one of them. Just a flat-out good guy. The kind of dude you'd look up to even if he'd never quarterbacked the 'Dogs or the Bucs/Seahawks/Browns/Niners or won a Super Bowl for the Ravens.

Trent spoke at Fresno's Northside church today. He talked about finding God while he was in college, his influence in NFL locker rooms, what's next in his football career and losing his then 5-year-old son Trevin. The thing about Trent is he's this nationally famous millionaire sitting up in front of you and it seems like he's just another guy you've known your whole life.

You might be starstruck, but at the same time you're comfortable to just walk right up to him and start a conversation. Because you know he'll converse right back. He'll pause to take a photo with you and your buddy, he'll shake your hand three times before you part ways, he'll compliment you and thank you for telling him he's your favorite 'Dog of all-time. He's thankful for his roots, for Fresno, for his past -- even his "failures." That's what the sermon was about tonight, letting go of the failures in one's life and looking to the future.

That was the true message tonight as Dilfer gave his testimony. And it will be Sunday too (you can check him out at two Easter morning services; it's definitely worth it). Yes, he talks about his plans for next season (let's just say the silver & black and a few notable TV stations might come up), but if ever there were a guy who could put all that superstardom into perspective, it's Trent Dilfer.

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