Saturday, March 22, 2008

Not even close to "Comcastic"

Comcast is not "Comcastic." Don't believe the lies. Don't believe the hype.

I rush home to catch Fresno State's first-ever women's NCAA Tournament game on ESPN2 -- you know, the one that's been advertised on ESPN2 all week during men's games and was written about in The Fresno Bee with quotes from Jimmy Dykes about how this is the network's No. 1 game.

And what do I get when I power up my Comcast box and turn on ESPN2 (in HD)...? I get freaking Auburn and George Washington. Two teams who most of western civilization couldn't even locate on a map. How many people in California do you think can even name what state those colleges are in? No matter the answer, there sure as heck aren't many Californians all amped up about watching those two schools play women's basketball.

So I wait 'til halftime, after hearing on the radio the 'Dogs make a late first-half run. Then the ESPN2 network switches games. "Finally!" I exclaim out loud. And what pops up on screen...? Hartford-Syracuse. What in tarnation!? NO ONE IN FRESNO CARES!

I called Comcast. "It's a national telecast and ESPN switches back and forth," I'm told. "It's up to ESPN, I can give you their number." Well it turns out the Comcast liar of an employee gives me a BOGUS ESPN number. It's been disconnected. Doesn't even work. What a bunch of bogus garbage...

DirectTV here I come...and I encourage others to join me.

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