Monday, September 22, 2008

Boise State is finally potty trained

Mommy wow, these Broncos are big kids now!

OK, OK, Boise State has already been to -- and won -- a BCS bowl game. And Fresno State still hasn't. But Boise State backed in that year with a wussified schedule while Fresno State was sticking to its "anyone, anywhere, anytime" mantra it has never wavered from.

But this past Saturday, Boise State made history by beating a BCS-conference team on the road (Oregon) for the first time ever. Winning at Autzen Stadium isn't easy...even if Oregon was using it's fifth-string quarterback. So the Broncos should be congratulated.

But come on...what's up with this sudden Boise State lovefest in the national media? They jump from unranked to No. 19 and No. 20 in the two major polls, leapfroging Fresno State? Why, because they beat an Oregon team that is notorious for crumbling when its starting QB gets injured (the Ducks blew BCS bowl hopes at Arizona last year for cryin' out loud...Arizona!).

Suddenly, Fresno State is an afterthought after losing by 3 points to the now No. 8/No. 9 Wisconsin Badgers. People, it seems, just expect the 'Dogs to win every big-time non-conference game nowadays while Boise State hides behind its Smurf turf playing the Idaho States of the world.

If -- and this is a huge if right now -- Fresno State wins the rest of its games, and Boise State the rest of its games up to the finale, then can anyone with a conscience honestly rank the Broncos ahead of the Bulldogs when one played three BCS-conf. teams and the other just one?

Apparently, ESPN's Graham Watson and Mark Schizzlegizzlebah (better check that spelling) are already officially off the Fresno State bandwagon and aboard Boise State's. Here's what Schlabach most recently wrote:

4. Don't forget about Boise State.
If a Mountain West team doesn't finish unbeaten, the Broncos might be the team from a non-BCS conference that crashes the BCS party. Boise State is the class of the WAC after upsetting Oregon 37-32 on the road Saturday. Quarterback Kellen Moore is playing well, and tailback Ian Johnson is still running on the blue artificial turf. The Broncos might be 11-0 heading into a Nov. 28 home game against No. 25 Fresno State.
So let's see here, Boise State beat one BCS-conf. team on the road (for the first time ever might I reiterate) and Fresno State has also beaten one (and will go for No. 2 at UCLA on Saturday). Sounds like the 'Dogs have just as good a case right now to me. And that Ian Johnson character he's hyping up...well he hasn't rushed for 100 yards yet this year and averaged a measley 2.1 yards per carry against Oregon.

Oh, and really think there are SEVEN non-BCS-conference teams better than Fresno State? Really? Talk about a dip in credibility...


  1. Hey Fresno... how about you try winning a conference championship first. Then we'll talk.


    The National Press

  2. If you TRULY believe that Fresno is better than Boise, then you should hope for the Broncos to be 11-0 and ranked in the top 10 so that you can bring them down. The more publicity BSU gets from here until that last game, the better you guys will look IF you win on the blue. (Won't happen but I know as fans you have to believe it's possible and I respect that) Why complain? Had Fresno beaten Wisconsin, they'd be ranked over BSU.
    No rational college football observer can say that a 2-1 Fresno team, who struggled in its only two victories against lesser competition and lost to their one credible opponent thus far (at home), should be ranked higher than a 3-0 Boise State team who just beat a RANKED bcs team in one of the toughest places to play in the nation. Just be thankful to be ranked at all and wisely pull for Boise to win out until your showdown in Boise.

  3. Why shouldn't they have leapt Fresno State? Are you that big a homer? The only reason Fresno State is STILL ranked is because they got a major benefit of the doubt and were ranked preseason even though Boise State had a better 2007 record and beat Fresno in Fresno. Fresno's Rutgers win no longer looks so hot with the Knights being 0-3 and losing AT HOME to Wisconsin doesn't do you any favors even if it was close. I understand you point about scheduling...but the pollsters actually got it right this time. Boise State beat a fairly highly ranked team in their house and were rewarded as doesn't take math to figure out why a 2-1 Fresno squad is bringing up their rear.

  4. I think a few Oregon and Fresno State fans need a diaper change and a fresh bottle of milk. The worlds not fair and Fresno State is getting more respect then Boise State. Had we lost to Wisconsin at home 13-10 Boise Stae would not be in the top 25 of any pole. Regardless of who they started at QB, the fact remains we put up 37 point in a win on the road against a ranked BCS team. When was the last time Fresno State did that.

  5. I think a few Oregon and Fresno State fans need a diaper change and a fresh bottle of milk.

  6. Drew said everything I was going to say.

  7. Hey, I'm not necessarily saying Fresno State is better than Boise State. The jury is out. We will see in the season finale.

    But I think it's funny that Boise State is up in arms so suddenly thinking it's the cream of the crop after beating an Oregon team. You guys saying Fresno State's win at Rutgers doesn't look so good (they were No. 26 to start the year)...well I present you this question... How good is Oregon, really? A ranked team right now? I think not. We'll see if I'm right.

    And someone asked when the last time Fresno State beat a ranked team on the road was. I'd have to look that up, but let me ask another question... How many ranked teams has Boise State EVER beaten? Home or away? I have a feeling your best fodder there will be the head-to-head wins over Fresno State itself.

    Let's compare that to Fresno State...


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