Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pssst...listen here athletic dept.

Since SO many fans LOVE the Bulldog Bounce (yet it is a direct ripoff of Wisonsin's Jump Around) let's pick our own song to play between the third and fourth quarter and let everyone go bonkers over.

And let's make it a song about 'Dogs! Here's the perfect idea to replace "Jump Around"...


  1. Do it! Go Fresno State football!!

  2. First time I visted this site... It's interesting.. ..and was able to elicit a comment from me..

    Here are other alternatives:

    # Led Zeppelin, Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
    (AKA Bulldog Stomp)

    "So, of one thing I am sure,
    It's a friendship so pure,
    Angels singing all around my door so fine.
    Yeah, ain't but one thing to do
    Spend my natural life with you,
    You're the finest dog I knew so fine."


    around 3:45-3:50

    # Korn - Word Up!

    Representing the "Valley" lets stick with a Valley born and bred band. Other alternatives could be "Freak on a Leash" keeping the dog theme, but I'm sticking with a family friendly hit.


  3. Thanks for visiting, home you become a regular! Very nice ideas on the songs. I'm sitting here trying to think what would generate the MOST fan involvement?

    What do you all think about these?

    Kris Kross "Jump" which I feel would be very energetic and really stand out...

    Naughty by Nature "Hip Hop Hooray"

    Snoop Dogg "What's My Name"

  4. Ya know, even though the video for Atomic Dog is stupid, the song itself is great. Imagine the students and the younger fans doin a funky jive when this song comes on. Classic!
    I'm not feelin Kris Kross' "Jump", but I think it'd get ya more fired up than Snoop Dogg's "What's my name" (and I really don't think our crowd would care for Snoop really).
    The Naughty by Nature song would be my choice though. Imagine 41k people singin the chorus to that song!


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