Monday, September 15, 2008

Grading the 'Dogs: vs. No. 10 Wisconsin

Quarterbacks: C+
Took a few ill-timed sacks and was indecisive at times with the football. Needs to take off and run when opportunity is there and protection breaks down.

Running Backs: B-
Miller and Mathews battled, but just didn't have the holes, especially early on. Mathews' best play was on a screen pass and Miller had 57 of his 58 yards on one run.

Receivers: C-
If it weren't for Wylie's 47-yard TD, grade would be lower. West and Moore have become nonexistent, and despite flirting with reaching stardom, Ajirotutu's late drop was painful.

Offensive Line: C-
First quarter was horrendous with two botched snaps. Bernardi returned to lineup, and Cunningham made first start, but wasn't quick enough pulling to allow 'Dogs to run outside to the left. Three sacks is unacceptable for this group. Lepori has to do whatever it takes to stop defensive lineman from intercepting batted pass. Must keep defenders from getting their arms up.

Defensive Line: B+
Give them credit for sticking to assignments and allowing the linebackers and safeties gaps to hit. Monga looked like a standout, and Roberts came up big in place of injured Banks. Nice play by Stuart as well.

Linebackers: A-
21 combined tackles by Jacobs, Carter and Herron, plus another huge hit in the backfield by Knox and a taste of Plummer's blitzing speed. This is an aggressive unit.

Defensive Backs: A
Jefferson quietly becoming team's most sure tackler with 11. If Owens hangs on to interception that's right in his hands, it's a TD and 'Dogs take the lead.

Special Teams: C
Great plays and un-great plays balance each other out. Blocked punt and field goal (walk-on Dunn), but then three missed field goals by Goessling, including 35-yarder. Moore not getting job done at punt returner, called for fair catches each time after hurting the 'Dogs with questionable decisions and side-to-side running at Rutgers. At least point up to ball so Jefferson knows to get out of the way on what ended up a turnover.


  1. Tough game for anyone to be on the losing end of. We were happy to escape with the win.

    Next fall let's exchange pre-game questions before your visit to Camp Randall, eh?

    I tried that this year, but it seems I picked the wrong FSU blogger . . .

  2. You are an easy grader. I would have gave the Quarterback D-. I would gave Special Teams an F. They didn't come through when needed the most. 1/4 FG is failing. -3 punt return yards and 1 fumble is failing. However the 1 FG block and kickoff coverage does keep the grade up. AJ's one long return forced Wisconsin to do a short kickoff, but those things are expected, anything short again, is failing.


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