Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A headline I've waited my whole life for

Growing up a diehard Fresno State fan meant a lot of things -- namely going around with a chip on your shoulder and telling anyone who would listen that we can beat the UCLAs, USCs and Cals. When I become a fan, we weren't as good or even close to as well-known or respected as any of those programs. But I never stopped believing that would one day change -- especially with a dad who reinforced the idea that huge things were in Fresno State's future.

So you can imagine the way my lips swooped into a smile -- a smirk almost -- when a Google alert hit my inbox with this headline: "UCLA seeks upset of 25th-ranked Fresno State."

What!? UCLA seeks upset!? Yes, Fresno State has reached that point, where losing to UCLA -- AT UCLA -- would be an upset. A surprise. A shocker even?

It would be tough to argue that, other than USC, Fresno State is California's most successful program over the past decade. And the Pac-10 teams don't want anything to do with scheduling Fresno State most years. That's a fact I was very glad to see in the LA Times today.

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