Monday, February 9, 2009

Hardwood news & notes

I don't know about you, but I feel refreshed. After the debacle that was this past Thursday's 34-10 halftime deficit at Hawaii, Fresno State came out and straight manhandled the evil boise state broncos (sorry, but I've decided to no longer capitalize that school name).

The strange thing about this young Bulldogs squad is they crate athletic mismatch havoc for most WAC opponents -- save for New Mexico State and maybe Nevada. boise state was one of those obviously at a disadvantage from the get-go. (Just wait 'til next year's recruiting class doubles Fresno State's athleticism)

And now for the long-awaited news & notes from tonight's Fresno State win:
Paul George: A career-high 29 points...that's what happens when he plays aggressive offense.

Sylvester Seay: If 'Dogs had a winning record, George and Seay would both deserve first-team All-WAC.

Bryce Cartwright & Mychal Ladd: Fresno State hasn't had two leapers like this who can flatout hang in the air since Damon Jackson and Noel Felix circa 2002. Great to see Ladd doing a little more ball-handling tonight and the 'Dogs getting him more touches on offense.

Brandon Webster: Decent effort, please B-Web, if you're reading this, go all out all the time the rest of the year, I promise it'll pay off.

Brandon Sperling: Sperl, please stop taking bad shots. Be an in-your-face defender and stick to that role unless you're too open not to shoot (which you weren't tonight, especially behind the backboard).

Refs: Stop sucking. Good first half, but you really did let boise state back in the game down the stretch with bad calls and no calls. Full-court press doesn't mean fouls are allowed. And when the ball goes out of bounds off a boise state player on the baseline, that means Fresno State should get it out of bounds. Please keep this in mind in future Save Mart Center games.

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  1. George was Lights OUT last night. I hope we can keep a few more years. I would hate to lose him if he decides to chase dollar signs in the NBA. LOL, dont forget the one non call were the Donk jumpe stoped TWICE after he picked up the ball.


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