Monday, February 2, 2009

Here's hoping for the future retirement of jersey number ...

It's not breaking news or anything (well, actually I guess technically it is), but for no particular reason, I've decided to make today the day for announcing Derek Carr's jersey number. A week in the vault was long enough, so for those of you Bulldog football diehards tired of Just-for-Men-ning your graying hair over the suspense of what number Carr will wear (because he wants No. 4 but Ebahn Feathers wears 4, oh my goodness they both can't wear 4 ...), wait no more.

Starting this spring, Derek Carr's jersey number will be ................ announced after the break.

OK, so what, I made you wait another 30 seconds after telling you you wouldn't have to wait any longer (I guess even more now that I'm typing still). Two can play at that game ryan seacrest. At least I kept it in the family.

Derek Carr will wear number 4,  presumably for the duration of his Bulldog career, and he didn't even have to negotiate with Feathers to make it happen. Before Carr could even make his pitch for the number, Feathers went to whomever you go to for a number change and requested jersey No. 3 (a bonus breaking news tidbit—freeeeeee). That left the door open for jersey No. 4, which was swiftly picked up by Carr.

For those of you keeping score, that means the first part of the 2009 numerical roster will look like this:

3. Ebahn Feathers QB
3. Moses Harris S
4. Derek Carr QB
4. Damion Owens CB

For many of us, knowing who is who isn't a problem. But the overabundance of duplicate jersey numbers only adds to the desire for names on the back of the jerseys. Although for road games, you have to love the fact that it causes utter chaos for this guy.

In my defense (random, I know), I just learned how to hyperlink, so the Christmas morning excitement of using it hasn't worn off yet. I say this because by now, I know you're thinking (that's right, I have espn) something along the lines of "freaking shut the hell up already you unfunny, adhd-hyperlinking moron. But thanks for the naked gun scenes."

You got it dude.

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