Thursday, February 12, 2009

Preseaon All-Whack team

OK, so maybe the preseason All-WAC baseball team isn't all whack, but it sure is at first base, where Fresno State's Alan Ahmady got the shaft. Pssshhh, and you thought Tatiana making the final 36 of American Idol was as bad as it gets...

Somebody has an explanation to make, because surely there has to be some sort of technicality or unthinkable mishap that led to the WAC's seven skippers not voting Ahmady a unanimous first-team selection. After all, the guy was first-team last year. As a sophomore.

Maybe all the nominations were put into a shoebox and there was a tiny hole in the bottom where Ahmady's name slipped out before the nominees were revealed to WAC coaches? Or maybe it's a prank, and Ahmady met Ashton Kutcher during the offseason, struck a friendship and is now being Punk'd? Better yet, maybe the WAC agreed to some sort of behind-the-scenes, unwritten rule that All-Americans aren't allowed to be on the preseason All-WAC team?

No, you say? It can't be? Well why then? Why is Ahmady, who led the WAC and tied the all-time Diamond 'Dogs record with 92 RBIs last year, led the national championship Fresno State team with a .382 average, and hit 13 homers not preseason All-WAC? Instead, it was Nevada's Shaun Kort, who had 60 RBIs, a .324 average and 6 homers. Yet, despite the gross advantages Ahmady held in all three statistical categories, and the idea that Ahmady is also the best defensive first baseman in the conference, he didn't even make the All-WAC team as a utility player.

Excuse me while I scratch my head.

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